How Many Times Can UPS Reschedule Delivery

Even with good planning, it isn’t always possible for us to be home or available in our workplaces when the UPS driver arrives with a long-awaited order. And while many people choose a remote location for package delivery, this approach may or may not be available in some cases. For instance, you can’t deliver a couch to a UPS Access Point.

That brings us to our question today — when a delivery fails, how many times can UPS reschedule the delivery?

The policy of UPS is to attempt delivery up to three times for a residential address. After the third failure, the item may be returned to its sender. In some cases, UPS will also hold your package at a remote location for pickup. However, you can schedule a delivery on UPS’ website. This should minimize the likelihood of a package return.

UPS My Choice lets you schedule deliveries

If you need to make sure that your package will arrive within a specific window or on a particular day, the best option is through UPS My Choice. This online account lets you log in and see what packages are coming your way. From there, you can change the delivery address, request that your package be delivered on a different day, confirm an arrival window, or let the driver leave your package with the neighbor.

Each of these options lets you worry less about getting a dreaded delivery slip with its subsequent delivery attempts, and package holds.

There are limits to rescheduling UPS packages – sometimes

While UPS makes every attempt to deliver packages at your convenience, there are some limitations. For example, there may be a surcharge to change delivery addresses that are too far from the original. Additionally, you will pay for each delivery rescheduling or options change. Prices for this service in 2023 varied from $7.99 to use an Access Point to $14.99 to guarantee a delivery window.

These fees get expensive fast. And if you can’t live without Amazon or order expensive stereo equipment that will arrive in several boxes, you can wind up paying a lot of money.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. For $19.99 annually, you can purchase a My Choice Premium membership. Then, you can make as many changes to your shipping arrangements as you need.

Best of all, the changes for a Premium account owner are free of charge.

Awesome, right?

Sometimes you don’t need to worry about delivery time

If you’ve recently shopped on Amazon and some other major e-commerce sites, you’ve probably seen UPS access points as a shipping option. These are stand-alone lockboxes that UPS uses to deliver packages. To use one, you specify the access point as your shipping address. Then, UPS or the sender will give you the unlock information for your package. You’ll have a week after the package arrives there to pick it up.

Access points have limitations. Some packages can be too large or too heavy, and business hours at these locations can vary. However, if your shipment is a good candidate, it’s a great way to avoid rescheduling a UPS delivery.

However, unless you want My Choice Premium, the best way to use an access point is by specifying its use upfront. This way, you can avoid a change fee.

Finally, if you’re worried about a package arriving when you’re out of town, you can have it held at the nearest UPS location. You can again schedule this in my Choice, and in this case, it is free of charge even without a Premium subscription. UPS locations are open during business hours, though, and you are limited to using this when you’re out of town.


UPS is very flexible about package delivery, so rescheduling is easy with My Choice. However, you need to sign up for an online account, and some delivery options cost extra. Also, people with a premium account can make as many delivery changes as they need for free, while a basic account member must charge a fee for each delivery change that costs extra.

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