Does DHL Attempt Redelivery

You’re doing your monthly shopping in the heart of Berlin when your heart misses a beat. Wait, wasn’t there a DHL package coming today? Oh, dear… Will DHL attempt re-delivery if you have missed your appointed drop-off time? 

DHL will attempt re-delivery the next business day if they need help getting a package into the recipient’s hand on the first try. They may attempt delivery as many as three more times over the next few days, with packages returning to the DHL center. Customers who need clarification on their package’s location can always call DHL with a tracking number to check on the location of their package. 

Keep reading to learn more about DHL re-delivery procedures and how to make sure that your package gets to you safely. 

Will DHL Re-Deliver?

DHL will attempt to get your package at the designated address the next day if they miss you on the scheduled delivery date. They may also come back for several days after this but will typically only attempt to re-deliver up to two or three times. 

DHL prides itself on being careful and customer-oriented and takes great pains to get items into customers’ hands efficiently and professionally. If your driver can not get a hold of you, re-delivery is the safest option for customers, packages, and the company’s reputation. 

If you miss your package the first time around and you’re free tomorrow, sitting at home the next day will likely be the simplest way to get your package in hand. There are other methods, though, that you may wish to try. 

DHL Locations Are Good Places to Check

If there is a physical DHL location in your city or neighborhood, check with them and see if your package is waiting there. You’ll need your tracking number and a valid ID form, which can be a quicker way to get it into your hands. 

Packages that have yet to be successfully delivered typically return to the nearest DHL location, so this is a smart place to check on the location of your package. This may be the best option if your work day is over and the physical location has yet to close. Alternatively, you can request that the package remains at the facility until your pick it up in person. 

Re-Schedule the Delivery

DHL prides itself on providing excellent and very efficient customer service, so a good option for customers who’ve missed a package would be to re-schedule delivery for another day. The package will stay safe and warm at a DHL depot before being loaded and re-delivered to your home or business. 

Calling the DHL customer service number can help, and if you have your tracking number, a representative can re-schedule a drop-off time on the phone. In the United States, this number is 1-800-225-5345. If located outside of the United States, your delivery driver should have also left a “re-delivery notice” on your door, with information on who to contact and a number you can call. 

How Long Will DHL Hold a Package?

DHL will typically hold a package for seven days. After this time, if the package has not been successfully delivered to the recipient, it will be returned to the sender. This is why it’s essential to ensure you get your package before this window closes, and it may only be available to you during this time slot. 

It is also possible to arrange for your package to be left with a neighbor in your absence or if you know you’ll be away during delivery. Select this option on their website or their app, and pick up the package from the specified residence. 


DHL will attempt to re-deliver on the next business day and may attempt re-delivery up to three more times over the next several days. The packages return to the local DHL distribution center in the meantime, and it may be possible for you to pick up your package from the center itself.

Contacting DHL to reschedule your package can be the simplest solution, as can arranging a package to be left with a neighbor in your absence. If the package is not picked up within seven days, it is generally sent back to the recipient. 

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