Why Can’t FedEx Find My House – 6 Things You Should Know

If you’ve ever traveled in a rural location, you might understand why delivery drivers have trouble finding specific addresses. That said, it’s not just people in rural areas who experience this problem. Even people in larger cities have asked why FedEx can’t find my house?

Most of the time, a delivery driver’s inability to locate your home is due to issues with their GPS. However, other reasons include your address needing to be appropriately displayed or an inexperienced driver.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to assist drivers in finding your location. Continue reading to find out what’s preventing FedEx from finding your home and what you can do to help avoid this problem.

Most Common Reasons FedEx Drivers Can’t Find Your House

People commonly complain about certain shipping companies being unable to find their addresses. While this is more understandable when dealing with rural areas, people in cities have also complained about this problem. So what is it that makes some addresses so hard to find?

Your Address Might Not Show up on Google Maps

Did you know that people once had to use large, folded maps to find an unknown address? It’s true, and it wasn’t that long ago. Today, we rely on GPS systems and other electronic devices to get us where we want to go.

Unfortunately, those systems only sometimes work as intended. Between uncharted spaces and outdated imagery, some addresses fall into the “does not exist” abyss.

If you live at one of those addresses, there’s a good chance that a delivery driver won’t be able to find your house because they can’t locate it on their GPS. However, you can often change this by contacting the delivery company’s GPS service and asking them to add your address to the system.

You’re Address Is Not Displayed Correctly

Aside from not showing up, your address might be displayed incorrectly. When delivering to large complexes and apartment buildings, one number could mean the difference between one housing unit and another a quarter mile away.

Make sure that when you buy from online vendors, you include your complete address exactly as it should be displayed on the shipping label. Additionally, if you have a tricky address, explain to the seller how important it is that they double-check the address before shipping.

The Driver Is Unfamiliar with Your Area

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I dislike about traveling is driving in unfamiliar towns. I once spent twenty minutes driving around a rotary because I couldn’t figure out where to get off. So I understand how a delivery driver who’s new to an area might have difficulty locating specific addresses.

That said, there are things that you can do to make it easier for the driver, including making sure your house numbers are easy to see and leaving detailed delivery instructions.

What Do FedEx Drivers Do If They Can’t Find a House?

You might be surprised to learn that not being able to find an address is a common occurrence. So common that FedEx has some basic guidelines for drivers in this situation.

First, drivers are expected to use all of the resources at their disposal, including:

  • Key Maps
  • GPS
  • Postal services
  • Coworkers
  • Senders
  • Recipients

It’s up to drivers to understand how to work these resources in their favor. They’ll commonly call a recipient first, so it’s always a good idea to stay near your phone when waiting for a delivery.

The issue is passed on to the QA department if a driver cannot find a location. Here, associates use even more resources to find an address. For example, they may look at Zillow or cross-reference a county database.

If they still can’t locate your home after these steps, you may have to pick the package up at a nearby facility. Eventually, if no contact is made, the parcel is returned to the sender.

What Do I Do If FedEx Delivered My Package to the Wrong Address?

Although it’s rare, drivers sometimes leave packages at the wrong address. Misspelled shipping labels are the most common reason for this, but sometimes it’s due to driver oversight. So what can you do if a FedEx driver leaves your package at the wrong address?

First, call customer service as soon as you realize the mistake. They’ll likely ask the driver to return to the incorrect address to reclaim the parcel. If they get the package back, they’ll make arrangements to ensure you get it.

Things get a bit more complicated if the recipient at the address refuses to return the parcel. Mail fraud is expensive, and people can use mistaken address claims to get free stuff. To prevent this, the company might ask you to file a police report. If you decline, they’ll likely suspect you’re involved in fraud and refuse to help you further.

In addition to a police report, they might ask you to provide proof that you did not receive the mail. If the mistake was due to a driver error (not a labeling error), and you can prove it, FedEx will reimburse you for your lost package.

6 Things You Can Do to Help Delivery Drivers Find Your House

In addition to the problems we’ve already covered, many other obstacles can prevent a driver from finding your home. Fortunately, there are several things you can do as a customer to avoid these issues and ensure your package arrives on time.

Make Sure Your Address Is Correct and Complete

When entering an address into any shipping system, make sure the address contains all relevant information. For example, include the floor and apartment number if you live in an apartment building.

Another thing to be mindful of is road names. It’s common for rural roads to have different names at each end when they run through multiple towns. A local post office might understand this and accept either road name, but delivery companies that use a GPS might only find an address if you’re using the right one. 

Before entering your address, double-check it in Google Maps to see if it comes up and shows your home or apartment in the street view.

Provide Clear Instructions Whenever Possible

Many shipping options allow you to leave instructions for delivery. However, you should only do this if necessary, as poor instructions can confuse a driver. Also, if you leave instructions, ensure they are clear and concise. 

Don’t use general landmarks like “the big tree.” Instead, give specific details that aid in finding your house. Some good examples might be things like the color of your home, the type of cars in the yard, or any lawn decorations you have.

Make Sure Your Address Is Visible in Multiple Locations

One of the most important things you can do is to make sure your address is visible in at least two places—your house and your mailbox.

Because a driver might come from either direction, having your number on both sides of your mailbox is a good idea. Additionally, consider using reflective numbers to make it easier to see them at night.

Hardware stores offer digits that you can use to display your address on your house. Put the numbers on your front porch or near your front door, and make sure the color is bold and contrasting to its background color. For example, don’t use white numbers on a white house.

Whenever possible, install your house numbers in a well-lit place. Most people put them beneath their front porch lights. This makes it easier for drivers to see it from the road.

Keep Your Phone Number Updated

Although electronic communication is typically the preferred method, there might be times when a driver needs to call you. They may try to get in touch if they’re in the area but cannot locate your address or let you know they left your parcel at a local facility. 

If the company cannot contact a recipient, they’ll typically ship the package back to the sender. To prevent this, keep your phone number updated in your account. Additionally, give the correct phone number to sellers and businesses you buy from, as they often use this for shipping purposes.

Ensure Your Home is Accessible

Once they find your address, drivers can only leave your package if they can access your place. Some of the biggest obstacles include locked gates, snow, and dogs.

Include any gate or building codes in the delivery instructions, keep snow clear from sidewalks and porches, and put dogs inside on days when you’re expecting a delivery.

The Takeaway

If drivers cannot find your address, it will result in a failed delivery. Failed deliveries typically occur because of issues with the GPS or needing clarification on delivery instructions. It can also happen if your house numbers need to be displayed appropriately or if a driver is unfamiliar with your route.

You can minimize the chances of a driver being unable to find your house by ensuring your numbers are on your mailbox and house, double-checking that your address and phone number are correct in the system, and providing clear delivery instructions.

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