Is Picking Up At UPS Faster

Sometimes it’s not as convenient to receive a delivery to your doorstep. If you live in a rural area or want a faster delivery time, you may consider picking up your UPS shipment in-store. It is possible to pick up deliveries from the UPS store and other Access Points instead of waiting for delivery. Picking up packages from UPS before delivery is possible, but it may not be faster. Keep reading to find out how picking up from the UPS store may be faster than delivery. 

Delivery Intercept 

Changes can be made to a UPS delivery if you need to move things around. UPS offers a feature called Delivery Intercept. Delivery intercept allows you to choose a different location for the delivery. If you wanted to pick up your package at a UPS store or certified UPS access point, it might be faster than delivery to your doorstep.

If you’re interested in changing your delivery location, consider using the UPS Delivery Intercept feature. You will be required to fill out the information about your shipment, so have your tracking number ready. Remember that this service may be charged if you’re not a UPS My Choice member. 

UPS Access Points 

UPS collaborates with over 41,000 independent merchants to provide UPS Access points for its customers. A UPS access point is a third-party location where you can drop off and pick up packages. You can most likely find UPS Access Points in stores like CVS, Michael’s, Advanced Auto Parts, and many more.

Getting packages delivered to a UPS access point is a convenient tool, especially for rural customers who don’t want the hassle of waiting for UPS delivery. If you live in a rural area and don’t want to wait for the UPS delivery, consider having your package delivered to a UPS Access Point. 

UPS My Choice Program 

The UPS My Choice Program allows customers to customize package deliveries based on their needs. Customers who upgrade to the UPS My Choice Premium package can benefit from the following features: 

  • Delivery Alerts
  • Package Visibility 
  • Estimated Delivery Time 
  • Delivery Date Change 
  • Delivery to Another Address 
  • Delivery to a UPS Access Point Location 
  • Confirmed Delivery Windows 

You can get your package delivered faster if you deliver your package to a UPS Access Point or another address. However, it may not be faster to pick it up from a location because delivery times vary based on the delivery driver’s routes.

All shipments run on estimated times, so there may be delays. Although faster delivery times are not guaranteed, a UPS My Choice Premium membership can provide accurate tracking and delivery interception features. Consider upgrading to the UPS Premium membership for easier delivery management. 

Managing Your Deliveries

UPS makes it easy to manage delivery changes using its online portal. If you use UPS services frequently, consider upgrading to a My Choice membership. My Choice premium members can make unlimited changes to deliveries at no additional cost.

Faster UPS deliveries start with good package delivery management. With multiple delivery alerts, inbound/outbound package visibility, and confirmed delivery windows, UPS My Choice is the best way to manage package deliveries. 


Sometimes, it may be faster for you to pick up your package from a UPS Access Point or UPS store. Using the UPS My Choice Premium membership to reroute packages to UPS access points is the fastest way to get a delivery. Although in-store pickup does not guarantee faster delivery, consider ultimate delivery management with the UPS My Choice feature. 

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