How To Check Walmart Points

Checking your Walmart points as an employee is essential to understanding your attendance record and ensuring you comply with company policies. More points aren’t a good thing, and if you’ve been accumulating a lot of absences lately, you’ll want to check things out before it’s too late!

You can check your Walmart points using their online portal. From there, you can log in, navigate to the attendance section, and see a breakdown of your accumulated points. You can also use the QR code on your attendance sheet to check points and log into the Walmart App using your associate details.

How The Points System Works

The Walmart points system is a way to track employees’ attendance and tardiness. For every absence, an employee typically receives one point. However, the company has made changes to its points system by reducing the maximum number of allowed points from 9 to 5.

This means that employees now start with a standard 5 points instead of the traditional 9. Keep in mind that Walmart’s attendance policy is strict, and accumulating too many points may lead to termination.

Gaining Points

As a Walmart employee, you can gain points for various reasons related to attendance. You will receive a half point if you clock in more than 9 minutes late but still work at least half your shift.

Full points are typically given when you don’t show up for work, leave early, or fail to call in properly. Keep in mind that on certain days like double point days, your point count can increase more rapidly due to the intensified point accumulation.

Losing Points

While gaining points can lead to potential termination, the good news is that points can be lost or forgiven over time. This usually happens automatically as you maintain good attendance and adhere to company policies. However, it’s also important to track your points and be aware of how many you have accumulated to avoid any negative consequences in the long run.

Remember, having a perfect attendance score can also lead to bonus rewards from Walmart. Let’s get into that part next.


While the main purpose of Walmart’s point system is to monitor and manage attendance, it can influence other aspects of employment, like reward programs.

Walmart may offer its employees various rewards or benefits based on their performance, which could be affected by their attendance points. Good attendance might lead to recognition, promotions, or other incentives within the company.

Methods to Check Walmart Points

In this section, we will explore different methods you can use to check your Walmart points as a Walmart associate, making it easier for you to stay updated.

Online Portal

One way to check your Walmart points is by accessing the online portal. All you have to do is visit the One Walmart website to get started. Firstly, log into your Walmart associate account using your credentials. Once logged in, look for the attendance points section to see your current points balance.

You can click on “My Time” and from there you’ll be able to view a few things:

  • Points
  • PTO
  • Attendance Policies
  • Leave Of Absence

There’s plenty of tools there to help associates take care of the things they need. You can even use this area to report an absence, and even use time reporting forms and support materials all from one page. You’re also able to check your schedule from within the platform.

All in all, its a one stop solution and the most efficient way to view your points and manage your overall attendance.

Walmart App

Another option to keep track of your Walmart points is by using the Walmart App. Download the Walmart App on your smartphone and log in using your Walmart associate account details.

Within the app, you can find the attendance points section, which displays your current points balance. I suggest this method due to how conveneient it is. You can manage it on the go, and don’t need to sit at a computer to take care of anything with your attendance points.

Do points for Walmart employees expire?

Points for Walmart employees do expire, but information about the specific timeframe is not available in the search results. It’s essential to stay aware of your point count and strive for punctuality and attendance to keep your points as low as possible.

You can check your points by logging into your Walmart associate account and viewing your six-month points total and all information regarding leave of absence under “My Time.”

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