Why Is Walmart Delivery Not Available

One of the most beautiful things about modern-day technology is the convenience of having items delivered to your home from an order made from a computer or smartphone. But, unfortunately, it is a luxury that most have gotten used to and faces an inconvenience when items cannot be delivered as expected.

A good portion of people shop at Walmart and use their delivery services. But, just the same, when they are notified that the store cannot deliver, it can be a frustrating experience. So, as a customer, what can you do if Walmart delivery is not available?

Walmart delivery might be unavailable because the ordered items can only be safely delivered without compromising their quality, like fresh groceries. Additionally, there are limits to some geographical regions.

It is an inconvenience to miss out on an opportunity to have groceries delivered. Still, it is not the only option; there are potentially other solutions to receive your items. Customers can always go to the physical store to pick up or visit another location if there is one. In the worst possible situation, a customer can always go to a competitor to receive the items that Walmart cannot deliver.

Walmart Delivery Availability is an Honest Hit or Miss

Walmart launched Walmart+ to compete with Amazon Prime. The membership costs $98 a year or $12.95 a month. Currently, Walmart+ includes an additional membership to the Paramount+ streaming service, free from-store delivery, savings on fuel, exclusive promotions, the ability to check out via the Walmart app, and a customer reward system.

While this program is excellent for those looking for a more affordable option, many customers are still waiting to receive items even if their order meets the delivery criteria. There might be a couple of reasons, but Walmart is consistently working towards improving its program.

In the past, customers would need to make their grocery purchases separate from their regular purchases. Now, the app permits the customer to list everything together. Additionally, if there are limits to how it can be delivered, it will appear on the product description and again when selecting a delivery window.

Walmart+ Includes Most but Not Everything

According to Reddit, there are different sides to the Walmart online store, allowing different products to be delivered to regular online shoppers and Walmart+ Shoppers. On the forum, members state that the store availability for grocery pick up and delivery is finite and fills quickly. Often users find themselves ordering a few days in advance to find a slot that would work for their needs.

These limitations are also tied to different stores. For example, a Neighborhood Walmart might have fewer available slots for delivery than a SuperWalmart would. In addition, the Walmart FAQ site reiterates that same-day delivery is not guaranteed as it works on a first-come, first-served basis.

There are also time limits when the store allows for deliveries. While it can change store-to-store, it usually runs from 7 am to 8 pm. This is on par with other delivery companies, like Amazon and UPS, who normally would only deliver past a certain time that day.

If the customer can place the order and then at the time of preparing the delivery, Walmart realizes that they are out of stock, the store will contact the customer to select an alternative product, or they will receive a refund for that item in particular. Once the order is on its way, the customer can track the delivery through the Walmart app. A link will also be on the email confirming the order items and the delivery slot time.

Plus, Walmart is No Longer Working with Doordash

Talk Business and The Verge have released information on the end of the partnership between Walmart and Doordash. The breakup was decided by Door Dash, who has been working with Walmart for about four years providing quick delivery services to customers.

Door Dash is a third-party company focusing on workers who pick up orders from a restaurant or store and deliver them to users within the hour. This similar service to Instacart helps Walmart pump out more sales to customers who otherwise would need to come to the store or wait a few days for a slot to open for a pickup.

Since August 2022, Doordash stated that the agreement was no longer mutually beneficial and terminated their contract with Walmart with a 30-day notice. Walmart has also agreed to terminate the contract, as they are focused on building the Walmart+ program and extra fast delivery options. Customers still have the option to use Instacart to have items delivered on the same day as they are ordered.

Have You Heard of Spark?

Walmart launched a program similar to Instacart, where gig workers can shop for customers and deliver groceries and other perishables to their homes. Walmart plans to call this program Spark Delivery. While this is still in the works, Walmart is pushing for this program to help fill the spaces where they cannot complete deliveries.

According to Talk Business, the Spark Delivery program accounts for 75% of Walmart deliveries. It reaches 84% of Walmart households across the U.S. Walmart has launched this service with a $9.95 delivery fee and a $30 order minimum.

This works similarly to Uber and Lyft, where the contractor will agree to complete the order and get paid once they complete the delivery. To keep options available for all its customers, Walmart still needs to remove its contract with Instacart.

If Walmart Cannot Deliver, What Are The Options?

Walmart and Walmart+ Plus customers have many options for receiving their goods. However, it is possible that a delivery option is not available, especially when it is needed as soon as possible. Walmart still works with Instacart and now offers its own delivery service that customers can take advantage of and get their items. Customers are encouraged to look at all their options if delivery does not appear on their checkout page.

It might sometimes make more sense to run to the store and buy the needed item, go to a competitor to get the product on time, or plan days in advance. For instance, Walmart allows its customers to place orders multiple days into the future to ensure that they can offer the best time slot for their customers.

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