Walmart Rewards Program: Maximizing Benefits & Savings

Walmart, a leading retail giant, has introduced an innovative rewards program for its Walmart+ members called Walmart Rewards.

This program allows members to earn additional savings on purchases, making shopping at Walmart even more attractive and cost-effective. This new feature benefits loyal customers by incentivizing the continued patronage of the store’s various departments and online platforms.

The Walmart Rewards program offers a simple and easy-to-use system for earning and redeeming in-store and online points. As part of this pilot program, Walmart+ members can earn 2% back in Walmart Rewards on eligible items purchased in-store or on

Accumulated rewards can be used toward future purchases, providing instant savings and enhancing the Walmart shopping experience for its valued customers. This rewards system aims to strengthen the relationship between Walmart and its customers while promoting continued engagement with the retailer’s wide range of products and services.

By offering an exclusive rewards program to its Walmart+ members, the company is reinforcing the value of its premium membership program. Let’s take a look at how the whole program works, redeeming your rewards, and much more.

Walmart Rewards Program Overview

The Walmart Rewards Program is a notable feature designed to provide additional benefits and savings to Walmart customers, making shopping at Walmart even more valuable and enjoyable.

Capital One Walmart Rewards

The Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard ensures that customers earn cash back on their Walmart online purchases with a generous 5% return. Moreover, the rewards card offers 2% cash back on in-store purchases and notable benefits across various categories:

Cash Back PercentagePurchase Category purchases
2%Walmart in-store purchases
2%Travel and restaurant purchases
1%All other purchases

This credit card can be a great addition to a frequent Walmart shopper’s wallet.

Walmart Rewards Card

The Walmart Rewards Card is another component of the Walmart Rewards Program. Cardholders accumulate rewards through their purchases at Walmart, which they can later redeem for additional savings.

For example, a member who has earned $10 in Walmart Rewards can use these savings at checkout, leading to a $25 basket costing only $15.

To redeem rewards in-store, customers must follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to the Walmart account through the Walmart app, where the Walmart Rewards have been accrued.
  2. At checkout, scan the QR code & select the desired payment method.
  3. Complete the purchase of the associated item.

Earning Points and Rewards

Earning points is fairly simple. Walmart makes it easy to do this not only in their stores, but across online purchases, and purchases through their own app.

Lets dive in how to earn points through purchases, Walmart App, and Walmart Pay usage, as well as in-store purchases. Purchases

Customers can earn Walmart Rewards Points on eligible purchases made through Points are typically earned per dollar spent, and the rate at which points are earned can vary depending on the specific item or promotion.

Check individual product pages for additional earning opportunities and promotions to maximize your rewards-earning potential.

Walmart App and Walmart Pay

By signing in to your Walmart account through the app, you can add eligible items from the Rewards Center and earn points on those purchases. At checkout, simply scan the QR code and select your preferred payment method to finalize the transaction and accumulate reward points.

Using Walmart Pay, integrated into the Walmart App, can streamline your in-store shopping experience and help you earn points faster. Just link your preferred payment method to Walmart Pay, and use the convenient mobile wallet feature to quickly and securely check out.

In-Store Purchases

In addition to online transactions, Walmart Rewards points can be earned on eligible in-store purchases. To maximize your rewards earnings, sign in to your Walmart account through the Walmart App or utilize Walmart Pay when shopping in person.

At checkout, simply scan the QR code with the Walmart App or use Walmart Pay to finalize the purchase and earn points.

Whether online or in-store, earning points and rewards through the Walmart Rewards program is a simple and efficient way to get additional savings on your Walmart purchases.

Redeeming Rewards

This section will discuss the redemption options, focusing on statement credits, gift cards, and future purchases.

Statement Credits

Customers who participate in the Capital One Walmart Rewards program can redeem their rewards points for statement credits.

By doing so, the reward points are applied toward the customer’s account balance, reducing their outstanding amount due.

Every 100 points are equivalent to $1 in cash value, and customers can choose to apply their points as a statement credit on their card or receive a check for the cash value.

Gift Cards

Another option for redeeming Walmart rewards is in the form of gift cards. Although specific details on the process were not available in the search results, customers may find redeeming their points for Walmart gift cards valuable, as they provide an alternative means of purchasing items.

Future Purchases

Lastly, Walmart rewards points can be used towards future purchases, both in-store and online. Customers can sign in to their Walmart App and use the Mobile Scan & Go Purchase option if shopping in-store.

At checkout, they can choose to apply their Walmart Rewards balance to the transaction.

Alternatively, customers who wish to redeem their rewards online can visit or use the Walmart App. By signing in to their Walmart account and adding eligible items to their cart, they can use their rewards balance during the checkout process.

Which Items Can You Redeem Your Walmart Rewards For

Here’s a table that summarizes the different items you can buy with Walmart Rewards:

Item CategoryDescriptionRewards Required
GroceryPurchase specific grocery items, such as fresh produce, meat, dairy, and bakery goodsVaries by item
Household EssentialsPurchase household essentials, such as cleaning supplies, paper products, and personal care itemsVaries by item
Pet CarePurchase pet care products, such as food, treats, and toysVaries by item
ElectronicsPurchase electronics, such as TVs, laptops, and smartphonesVaries by item
Home & GardenPurchase home and garden items, such as furniture, decor, and outdoor equipmentVaries by item
Toys & GamesPurchase toys and games for kids of all agesVaries by item
Clothing & AccessoriesPurchase clothing, shoes, and accessories for the whole familyVaries by item
Gift CardsRedeem Walmart Rewards for gift cards to other retailers and restaurantsVaries by card
TravelRedeem Walmart Rewards for travel, such as flights, hotels, and car rentalsVaries by booking

Note that the rewards required for each item varies, and may also depend on your membership status and other factors. Also, keep in mind that Walmart Rewards are earned by Walmart+ members and can be redeemed for various items such as cash, statement credits, gift cards, and travel.

Expiration and Limitations

The Walmart Rewards program offers customers various benefits while shopping at Walmart. One noteworthy aspect of the program is its lack of reward expiration dates.

Unlike many other loyalty programs, Walmart Rewards does not expire as long as customers have a account in good standing.

This significant feature allows customers the flexibility to accumulate rewards over time without the fear of losing them. Users can take their time to make purchases, knowing that their earned rewards will always be available for redemption.

However, it’s essential to note that Walmart Rewards are not cash and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Additionally, the Walmart Rewards program has some limitations:

Limitations of Walmart Rewards Program
Walmart Rewards are non-transferable and non-assignable, meaning they cannot be shared with others or transferred from one account to another.
One must have a account in good standing to earn and redeem rewards. Termination or suspension of an account may result in the forfeiture of accumulated rewards.
Walmart Rewards may have specific redemption policies and procedures for particular products, categories, or promotions.
Walmart reserves the right to alter, amend, or terminate the rewards program, including rewards policies, at any time without prior notice.

The Walmart Rewards program’s expiration and limitations are relatively minimal, providing customers with a convenient and flexible rewards system. By maintaining a account in good standing, shoppers can enjoy the benefits of their accumulated rewards without the worry of them expiring.

Managing Your Rewards Account

Managing your Walmart Rewards account is simple. You’ll be able to not only track your points and transcations, but you can also take care of other tasks within the app, and all things related to Walmart.

Tracking Points and Transactions

One of the crucial aspects of managing your Walmart Rewards account is keeping track of your points and transactions.

To do this, sign in to your Walmart account on the Walmart app or website to view your rewards balance and transaction history.

Regularly monitoring your account helps you stay informed about how many points you’ve earned and been deducted, ensuring you always know your available rewards.

Using Walmart Rewards Card at Checkout

Use your Walmart Rewards Card at checkout to redeem your rewards and get additional savings on your purchases. Follow the steps below for a smooth checkout experience:

  1. Download the Walmart app and sign in to your Walmart Rewards account.
  2. Add eligible items to your cart from the Rewards Center.
  3. At the physical store checkout, open your app and locate the QR code associated with your rewards.
  4. Allow the cashier to scan the QR code and select your preferred payment method.
  5. Complete the transaction, and your rewards will be applied to your purchase, reducing the total cost.

Alternatively, if you’re using the Walmart website or app for online purchases, including pickup and delivery, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Walmart account and add eligible items to your cart.
  2. Proceed to checkout, and your available rewards will be displayed.
  3. Choose to apply your rewards to the transaction, and your total cost will be adjusted accordingly.
  4. Select your preferred payment method and complete your purchase.

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