Walmart Tire Warranty Policy – What’s Covered, Costs & Filing Claims

Planning to buy new tires for your vehicle? Walmart Tire Center is a popular choice for many drivers due to its affordable prices and services. To me, they have one of the most comprehensive and useful tire warranty policies around.

Here are some key elements included in Walmart’s tire warranty policy:

  • $10 per tire standard road hazard warranty
  • Included in the Value Tire Installation Package
  • Covers unforeseen road hazards and flat tire repairs
  • Allows for tire replacement if unrepairable and tread wear is below 25%

That’s excellent if you ask me. Not only are unforeseen damages included in the coverage but replacements are included on new tires that don’t perform well. Let’s breakd down some of these features and more next.

Features of Walmart Tire Warranty

When it comes to protecting your tire investment, Walmart offers several warranty options to give you peace of mind. While most warranty plans have to be purchased at the same time you get your tires, Walmart does let you purchase the plan later on.

I’ll go over the various features, ranging from road hazard coverage to value tire installation, and help you understand the benefits they provide to you.

Road Hazard Warranty

Walmart’s Road Hazard Warranty offers a layer of protection covering damages from common road hazards like punctures, nails, or glass. With a cost of $40 per car or $10 per tire, this warranty covers:

  • Flat tire repairs
  • Replacement of non-repairable tires if the tire wears over 25% of the tire’s tread

This plan ensures reduced repair or replacement costs, giving you extra confidence on the road.

Walmart’s Lifetime Balance and Rotation

By opting for Walmart’s Lifetime Balance and Rotation Warranty, you can enjoy tire balancing services and wheel rotation throughout the life of your tires. Priced at $56 per car, this warranty covers:

  1. Regular tire rotations
  2. Tire balancing services
  3. Checking for slow leaks and wear

Value Tire Installation Package

In addition to the warranties mentioned above, Walmart provides a Value Tire Installation Package. This package comes with basic services, such as:

  • Mounting and installing your new tires
  • Lifetime balance and rotation
  • Road hazard coverage for the first year

The Value Tire Installation Package further enhances the protection of your tire investment and provides essential maintenance services to keep your vehicle in top condition.

Warranty Exclusions

Like any warranty policy, there are certain exclusions to Walmart’s tire warranty. Much of these are related to the types of wear the tire has, mileage limitations, and defects. Here are a few situations when your claims may not be considered:

  1. Manufacturing and design defects are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, not Walmart’s.
  2. General wear and tear are not covered under Walmart’s tire warranty plans.
  3. Non-repairable tires or abused tires may not be eligible for warranty coverage.
  4. The road hazard warranty terms may become null and void after 25,000 miles.

It’s important to note that each claim will be evaluated individually to determine the validity and coverage.

Below are a few additional things not covered in any of Walmart’s tire warranty policies:

  1. Any damage that is caused intentionally, by theft, or by vandalism to the tires.
  2. Damage to the tires that is caused by high-performance driving or racing.
  3. Any damage to the tires that is caused by off-road use or use in competitive events.
  4. Damage to the tires that is caused by improper installation or the use of incompatible products.
  5. Any damage to the tires that is caused by natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes.

Claiming the Warranty

Want to know how to claim your Walmart tire warranty? It’s pretty simple, but requires you have the right documentation on hand. I’ll guide you through filing a warranty claim and meeting the proof of purchase requirement. Let’s dive in!

Filing a Warranty Claim

To file a warranty claim for your Walmart tires, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Walmart Product Care Plans website powered by Asurion.
  2. Log in to your account or create one if you already have one.
  3. Find the “File a claim” option and click it to get started.
  4. Provide the necessary information about your tires and the issues you’ve encountered.
  5. Submit your claim and wait for further instructions from the warranty team.

If you prefer to call Walmart and do this over the phone, here’s the information you need for that:

  1. To file a Walmart tire claim over the phone, you can call 1-800-925-6278, and a customer service representative will forward your call to your local Walmart Auto Care Center.
  2. You may need to wait on hold for some time due to the high volume of calls that Walmart receives. Once connected with a representative, you will need to provide your personal information and details about the tire damage to file the claim.

Remember to keep all your tire-related emails, receipts, and documents handy to speed up the process. If you’ve got pictures of the damage, include those too as they may be requested in follow-up communications.

Because much of this stuff needs to be reviewed, I always suggest using the online portal to file claims because you can quickly upload everything you need and usually get a quicker response.

Proof of Purchase Requirement

When claiming your warranty, Walmart may require proof of purchase for the damaged tires. Here is what you’ll need to fulfill this requirement:

  • Original receipt: The receipt you received at the time of purchase is the most straightforward proof of purchase. Be sure to keep it in a safe place!
  • Tire Information: Make a note of the brand, model, and size of the tires you purchased. This can help Walmart track the purchase in their system if you’ve misplaced your receipt.
  • Purchase date: Knowing the date of purchase can facilitate the warranty claim process, as it helps to determine if you’re still within the warranty period.

Remember, organizing and keeping track of your purchase documents is vital for a smooth and stress-free warranty claim experience.

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