Walmart Wrong Price Policy – Here’s How It Works

With such a large inventory, inevitably, there might occasionally be instances where a product is incorrectly priced at Walmart. I’m happy to share Walmart has a wrong price policy to deal with those rare but unfortunate hiccups.

At Walmart stores, the wrong price policy aims to address pricing inaccuracies while maintaining customer satisfaction. If you come across an item with an incorrect price, Walmart allows for a refund of the price difference, up to $20. In cases where the price discrepancy is larger than $20, the issue will be escalated and handled at the discretion of the Walmart manager.

I’ll break down things further in this article, showing you some examples of where this might happen, how Walmart adjusts the price, and some exceptions to the policy.

Why Some Items At Walmart Are Mispriced

Walmart is a. huge store, and some items may end up with the wrong price label on them. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, customers like yourself may wonder why.

Mispricings at Walmart can occur due to human error or items being placed in the wrong price section. For example, an employee may accidentally input the wrong price for an item, or an item may be placed in the wrong spot on the shelf with the wrong price tag.

However, Walmart takes measures to prevent these errors and correct them when they occur.

How Walmart Adjusts For Wrong Prices

When you realize that an item was incorrectly priced, your first step should be to contact customer service or bring it to the attention of a Walmart representative in-store. Be prepared to provide the following necessary information:

  • The original receipt or proof of purchase
  • A description of the merchandise
  • The price discrepancy

Walmart staff will then initiate the verification process to determine the claim’s validity. This may include checking the Walmart website, marketplace, or any other relevant channels where the error might have occurred.

Whenver I’m in this situation, I just load the item page in the Walmart App so I can quickly show the associate where the problems are. Its quick and easy, but sometimes they’ll still look it up in their own systems to make sure things are good. I’ve also seen sometimes where the listing on the Walmart App is wrong, meaning what I thought was a mispriced item is actually not wrong. I’ll talk more about that in the next section.

Once you get all that verified, Walmart will honor the correct price and offer the difference to you. Typically, the adjustment will cover a mistake of up to $20. And as I shared earlier, the store manager will make the final decision for discrepancies exceeding this threshold.

Remember that the Walmart wrong price policy operates separately from the Walmart return policy, meaning that you won’t be able to return an item merely based on a price discrepancy.

Also keep in mind that Walmart doesnt legally have to honor a pricing label thats incorrect. However, they want to maintain good standing with their customers and usually its not much of an issue, even if the item has a disrepancy much larger than $20.

The only situation I’ve seen where its not honored past $20 is when there is a large quantity of the same items mislabeled.

How Walmart Handles Listing Errors

Sometimes Walmart listings in their online storefront can have pricing errors as well. Walmart has a process for htis as well, and if they happen to catch the error they’ll cancel the order on your behalf.

Exemptions and Special Cases

Some exceptions to consider in Walmart’s wrong price policy include:

  • Return policy: Walmart has a separate return policy for items that you’re unsatisfied with or if you’ve changed your mind. Knowing the return time frame for various products is essential to avoid confusion with the wrong price policy.
  • Bundle offers: Bundle offers, or promotional packages may have specific conditions that apply. In these cases, the wrong price policy might not hold.
  • Gift cards: Purchases made with gift cards may have different terms and conditions in terms of pricing discrepancies. Make sure to check with customer service to clarify any uncertainties.
  • Third-party sellers: Items sold on Walmart’s platform may be subject to a different price policy. You need to communicate with the individual seller to address any pricing issues.

In addition to those points, price matches during special events can be more challenging, as competing retailers have their own promotions and deals that may not match Walmart’s offers. In such cases, Walmart may not honor price matches, as they focus on providing their customers with the best possible deals during the event.

Wrong Price Policy in Different Regions

Understanding the variations in Walmart’s Wrong Price Policy as you shop across different regions is essential. This policy might differ slightly in Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska. Let’s explore some of the regional nuances.

Walmart Canada’s Wrong Price Policy is nearly identical to its US counterpart. Canadian customers are also entitled to receive the difference back up to $20 when a product is listed incorrectly, and anything over that needs approval.

Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska may also have slight variations in their policies due to regional regulations, but the core concept remains the same.

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