Can You Roller Skate In Walmart – The Interesting Answer

While you might not be cruising around in public on roller skates, you or your child may have a pair of shoes with built-in rollerblades. Therefore, it’ll be tempting to roller skate when you go to Walmart. Before you kick out the wheels, ask yourself: Can you roller skate in Walmart?

No rule or law states that you cannot roller skate in Walmart, but it is wise to use your best judgment when roller skating in public places.

As with anything like this, there is no rule stating that you cannot roller skate in Walmart, but this also becomes a matter of public safety. Continue reading to learn more about this so you can decide if you should roller skate in Walmart.

Can You Roller Skate Inside?

Yes, you can roller skate inside, but I would not recommend it.

As I have already stated, you are not banned from roller skating inside Walmart or other stores, which means the choice is up to you.

Not having a rule against roller skating in stores means that you can use sneakers with roller skates or a pair of roller skates if you really want to.

Even though there are no rules about roller skating, employees can still choose to ask you to leave the store or take your skates off, especially if you are disturbing other customers in the store.

Next, we’ll cover a few reasons why I wouldn’t recommend roller skating in Walmart.

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skate In Walmart

I am against telling anyone to skate in Walmart, so here are a few additional reasons why you might want to leave the roller skates at home.

You Can Hurt Yourself

One of the main reasons why you shouldn’t skate in stores is because you can hurt yourself.

You may think you are the best roller skater of the decade, but that doesn’t mean you will never get hurt.

You can fall, slip, or crash into something.

Even a minor collision with a shopping cart can leave you sore and bruised for days.

If You Get Hurt, The Store Will Not Be Obligated To Cover Medical Bills

Along with getting hurt, the store will not be at fault if you get seriously injured while skating in the store.

You can try to sue the corporation if you are injured inside a store, but it is not likely that you will win. The corporation can argue that it was your poor decision that led to you getting hurt.

You Can Hurt Someone Else

You can also injure someone else in the store.

I don’t know about your local Walmart store, but my store is always packed, no matter the time of day.

If you are zipping around on your skates, you could easily crash into someone coming out of an aisle or walking.

People from all kinds of backgrounds shop at Walmart and large stores, so there is a chance that you could crash into a child, a senior citizen, or someone who is disabled.

Again, you will probably be found at fault for this, meaning that you could be sued if a serious injury occurs.

You Can Disturb Other People

Even if an injury doesn’t occur, you can disturb other shoppers in the store by skating around.

People will need to look out for you, move out of the way if you are skating by quickly, and must wait for you to pass.

Since you are interrupting someone else’s shopping trip, other people can complain to store employees and management about what you are doing.

You Could Break Things In The Store

Walmart is, of course, a store, and some items can break.

If you crash into the wrong section of the store – like lamps, glass cases, or eggs – you could cause severe damage to products in the store.

You can break merchandise or, depending on what you run into, ruin shelves and displays if you try to catch yourself.

Walmart might not have a “you break it, you buy it” policy, but extensive damage could mean that the police are called.

You Can Be Asked To Leave The Store

You could be minding your business and roller skating in the store and still be asked to leave.

If store employees see that you could be a danger to yourself, other shoppers, employees, or merchandise, they might ask that you take off your skates or leave the store.

There is no hard and fast rule about skating in Walmart, but an employee who thinks an issue will arise can ask you to leave. No one wants to be kicked out of Walmart – even if you think that will be a cool story for your friends.

Alternatives To Roller Skating At Walmart

The best alternative to skating in Walmart is to walk, but here are a few other things you can do to get the “rush” of roller skating more safely:

  • Roller skate in the parking lot. Numerous dangers will still be there, but you will not upset store employees
  • Only roller skate in empty aisles and for short distances
  • Wear sneakers that have wheels so you can walk when necessary
  • Lean onto the cart and glide around. Keep at least one foot on the ground, so you have control. Do not go too fast.

None of these options are as safe as ditching the roller skates while you’re at Walmart, but if you’re committed to skating, do so as safely as possible and practice good common sense.

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