When Does Walmart Get Halloween Stuff – Decor, Costumes & More!

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s coming up fast. This is the perfect time to start decorating your house and planning your upcoming Halloween costume. So, when does Walmart get their Halloween decorations and costumes anyway? 

Most Walmart stores will start putting out their Halloween decorations, costumes, and other related products in early September just after labor day. Additional merchandise will become available in late September with the full range of Halloween products available by early October.

Here we will explain the best time to purchase Halloween-related products from Walmart. We will also be explaining when Halloween products tend to go on sale at Walmart and if it is best to order Halloween items online or purchase them in-store. Let’s dive right into it! 

When Does Walmart Get Halloween Decorations? 

Walmart tends to get its Halloween decorations in stock pretty early. Most Walmart locations will start putting their Halloween decorations out for sale at the end of August or September. This means that your Walmart should have Halloween decorations at around the same time kids return to school!

When Does Walmart Get Halloween Costumes? 

Most Walmart locations should put out their Halloween costumes at the same time they put out their Halloween decorations. This includes Halloween costumes for both children and adults. So, Halloween costumes at Walmart should be available from early September to the end of October. 

When Is The Best Time To Buy Halloween Products From Walmart? 

Shopping trends from last year show people tend to shop for Halloween decorations and costumes a while before the holiday. This means that most people will shop for their Halloween stuff in the second half of September and the first week of October. 

As a result, it may be a good idea for you to start shopping for Halloween costumes and decorations before or around this time. This is especially true if you have specific items you want to purchase. This is because popular Halloween decorations and popular products tend to sell out quickly. 

Of course, you could also plan for next year and buy things once they have gone on sale. Although you may not have the best selection of Halloween products when they go on sale, you are sure to get a reasonable price for them. 

Is It Better To Order Halloween Stuff Online Or Buy Them In Store? 

The answer to this question depends mainly on personal preference. For instance, many people prefer seeing Halloween decorations and costumes in person to know exactly what the item they are purchasing looks like. On the other hand, ordering items in high demand online may be a good idea. This way, you know that you will be able to get that item before Halloween. 

That said, you will likely be fine when finding the kinds of decorations and costumes in the store when you shop early into the season. This is because most shoppers are reported to purchase Halloween costumes and decorations in the last weeks of September into early October. 

How Quickly Do Halloween Decorations Tend To Sell Out At Walmart? 

More and more Halloween decorations tend to sell out at Walmart the closer to the holiday you get. This means there tend to be far fewer Halloween decorations in the middle of October than in September. Similarly, you will find a bit more Halloween decorations in the middle of October than there is the day before Halloween. Therefore, it is always best to shop for Halloween decorations in September than wait, especially if you want something specific. 

How Quickly Will Halloween Costumes Sell Out At Walmart? 

The same goes for Halloween costumes as it does for decorations. There tend to be far fewer Halloween costumes on the shelves the closer it gets to Halloween.

This means that you are likely to find more choices in Halloween costumes when you look for one early in the fall season than you would the week before Halloween. As a result, it is always better to look for Halloween costumes early for both adult and children sizes.

The last few weeks of September and the first week of October are great times to look for this year’s Halloween costume!  

When Will Halloween Decorations And Costumes Go On Sale At Walmart? 

Most of the time, Halloween costumes and decorations will go on sale at Walmart the day after Halloween. You may also continue to find clearance Halloween-themed items for up to a week into November.

Walmart and many other stores will put Halloween decorations and costumes on sale right after Halloween to clear the shelves to make way for Thanksgiving and Christmas-themed decorations. 

This is great for those who like to plan because you will likely find some great Halloween decorations on sale! So, if you are also planning for next year’s Halloween, you should check out Walmart on November 1st! They will likely have a ton of great leftover finds on clearance. 

Are Halloween Decorations And Costumes Affordable At Walmart? 

Yes, Walmart is one of the best places to find affordable Halloween decorations and costumes. Although some Halloween items at Walmart may be a bit pricier than others, you will definitely be able to find some cute costumes and decorations that are around $20 or less. This is especially true if you plan and buy Halloween costumes and decorations when they go on sale after Halloween in preparation for next year.

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