Why Are Walmart Video Games Cheaper – Everything You Should Know!

Gamers know the struggle of buying video games because they are so expensive – and only keep getting more expensive. You may look for deals and end up finding them at Walmart. You might wonder, as good as it is to see a lower price, why are Walmart video games cheaper?

Walmart has cheaper games because the store buys more games than other stores and is willing to sell that stock at a lower price to beat competitors. This can also get more customers in the store. Plus, you can save money when buying physical games or when Walmart attempts to get rid of certain games.

Finding a deal is never bad, so you might agree that Walmart is the best place to buy video games. We’ll explore why Walmart can sell video games cheaper than their competitors and how you can save even more money throughout the year.

5 Reasons Why Video Games Are Cheaper At Walmart

There are a few reasons Walmart can sell video games cheaper than other retail stores. 

Walmart Buys At A Larger Quantity Than Other Stores

The business model that Walmart follows is this: buy a lot and sell low.

Walmart can sell its products, like video games, at a lower price because they purchase more items for a volume discount. 

Take a look at this hypothetical chart to understand how this works:

StoreNumber Of Games PurchasedPrice Per UnitSale Price
Store #110$50$60
Store #225$30$50

Now, these prices aren’t real, but they can show how this works.

Walmart Is Trying To Undersell Competition

This business model means that Walmart is also trying to undersell its competitors.

When you have so many items, it may be a better business decision to sell products for less profit to undercut competitors. 

While you may not know that Walmart is doing this when it is happening, it does create a sense of customer loyalty because you see this as better prices.

Get More Customers At The Store

Cheaper video games also get more customers to the store.

When you see that something you want is cheaper at one store, you are likely to purchase the game there also:

  • Purchase other video games at the same store
  • Purchase other items while you are in the store
  • Do you shop at the store out of ease

Saving $5 or $10 on a video game means the store will get more of your business as a customer.

Walmart Puts Games On Clearance When They No Longer Carry The Game

Walmart puts video games on clearance when they no longer plan to carry the specific video game.

It isn’t uncommon to see something on sale when a store attempts to zero out the rest of its stock of certain items.

For a gamer, these clearance deals could be a fantastic way to get a new video game at a cheaper price than other stores.

You Are Getting A Physical Disc

Shopping in-store at Walmart can mean getting a video game’s physical disc for cheaper than a digital copy.

Any gamer knows that physical discs are going by the wayside, but you can get a good deal at Walmart if you don’t mind purchasing a physical copy of a video game. 

Physical copies of games are not always any cheaper than digital copies of games at other stores. However, Walmart sometimes has a better price on physical games than digital copies you can get in-store or online. 

Ways To Get Video Games Cheaper At Walmart

Video games at Walmart may generally be cheaper than at other stores, but it is possible to get even better deals at Walmart.

Wait For Clearance

Some games will go on clearance at some point.

Walmart has a clearance section and some games that will go on what Walmart calls Rollback.

I can’t say precisely what video games will go on sale, but it is worth keeping an eye on the games you want to see if your games get any cheaper. 

Older video games usually go on clearance faster than newer or more popular video games.

Shop On Black Friday

Black Friday is known in the United States for deals on the latest video games.

Some people can wait for their next video game, and if you’re one of those people, I suggest waiting for Black Friday. You are bound to find some great deals on video games on Black Friday!

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and is known as one of the year’s biggest shopping days, especially regarding electronics and video games.

You won’t know precisely what will be on sale during Black Friday until closer to the state, but you might find that certain games are on sale or the entire department will be on sale. 

Shop During Other Popular Shopping Days Or Weekends

Black Friday isn’t the only day where you can snag some great deals at Walmart.

If you live in the United States, here are a few other popular days where you may find deals on video games:

Days just before or after Christmas

  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Back-to-school season
  • Cyber Monday

Compare Prices Online

Look at video game prices online at Walmart.

If you’re shopping for your next game, don’t dismiss Walmart’s prices online. 

All you need to do is filter your search by deals sold by Walmart.com so you do not get a third-party seller.

If you find that the game is cheaper online, you can:

  • Buy it online
  • Buy it online and pick it up in-store
  • Ask the store employee to price match

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