Does Target Withold Your First Paycheck – What To Expect

Starting a new job can come with plenty of surprises, so it never hurts to know what you’re getting into beforehand. If you’re considering applying for a job at Target, you might be wondering how it all works – and for most people, the main questions have to do with getting paid. This leads some people to ask: does Target withhold your first paycheck?

No, they don’t withhold your first paycheck at Target. However, if you started working early in the pay period, you might have to wait a couple of weeks or more before finally getting paid – that’s just how the payroll schedule is set up.

Want to find out more? Keep reading for additional information on what to expect if you get a job at Target!

What payment schedule does Target follow?

Just like many companies, Target pays its employees every two weeks. The typical pay schedule tracks employee hours from one Saturday to the next and then processes payroll at the end of the next business week.

How much do Target employees get paid?

Currently, the average hourly rate paid to Target employees is $15.35 per hour. The lowest hourly rate is around $10, while the highest is around $21. However, in February 2022, Target announced upcoming changes to its pay rates. The starting hourly rate will be increased to between $15 and $24 per hour, depending on the location, position, and the employee’s skill level.

Which positions pay most at Target?

There are several different hourly positions at Target, so if you want to be making a certain rate per hour, you might need to know which positions would come with your goal hourly rate.

  • Cashiers get between $10 and $16 per hour
  • Sales associates get between $10 and $17 per hour
  • Stockers get between $11 and $17 per hour
  • Retail sales associates get between $11 and $18 per hour
  • Beauty consultants get between $11 and $19 per hour
  • General team leaders get between $14 and $25 per hour

…And the list goes on. The hourly rate you get won’t just depend on your skills or experience; the variation in hourly rates you see here are also due to regional differences. For instance, a Target in a major urban center will likely pay more than a Target located in a less densely populated area.

Does Target consider giving raises after 90 days?

If you’re an absolute rockstar employee with a supervisor who’s on your side, you might be surprised with a pay bump after just 90 days on the job.

However, this is definitely the exception rather than the rule. Pay raises do occur at Target, just like with every other workplace, but they’re more likely to happen after an annual performance review rather than as a gratuitous expression of appreciation for recent work.

Can you pick up extra hours when working at Target?

During high-traffic seasons (like popular holidays), there’s usually more need for employees to show up and put some extra time on the clock. This is generally expected of most employees, whether or not they were hoping to get some extra hours in at work.

If you wanted to work more during slower seasons, however, you’d have to talk with your supervisor. It may happen if a co-worker is unavailable for their normal shifts, but the degree of flexibility you had with your work schedule would largely depend on whether your supervisor was willing or able to rearrange the store’s employee schedule to give you more hours.

Can you get overtime at Target?

Getting overtime at Target isn’t outside the realm of possibility, but it would be extremely unlikely. Since corporations like Target are legally required to pay overtime to employees who work more than 40 hours a week, employee schedules are carefully managed to avoid overtime as a cost-saving measure.

Do overnight stockers at Target get paid more?

You’d think Target would pay extra to incentivize people to show up for the graveyard shift, but no – overnight stockers get paid rates comparable to their daytime counterparts. At an average of $13 per hour, this isn’t exactly one of the most lucrative positions at Target.

How long do you have to work at Target before getting benefits?

Previously, Target employees had to work 30 hours per week to receive healthcare benefits. After their February 2022 announcement, employees who work at least 25 hours per week will now receive healthcare benefits.

That isn’t the only positive change; employees won’t have to wait as long before being able to enroll in Target’s medical plan.

The actual reduction in wait time varies according to position, entailing between three and nine months less wait time. Benefits will also be expanded, including enhanced fertility-related benefits, virtual physical therapy, and more.

Do hourly Target employees get Christmas bonuses?

In 2021, Target employees got $2 per hour added to their typical hourly rate on weekends leading up to Christmas, starting on November 20th. Those who worked on December 24th and December 26th (a Friday and a Sunday) also received this bonus.

This is a nice way to say “thank you” to the employees who stick around for the hectic pre-holiday weekends, but it’s probably also an incentive for new hires. With a huge predicted increase in traffic over the Christmas holiday, Target planned to hire around 100,000 seasonal employees to ensure each location had enough retail staff to serve all the extra customers.

Do Target employees get in-store discounts?

Yes, they do! Employees get a 10% discount on merchandise plus another 20% discount on items related to health and wellness.

The takeaway

As hourly retail employers go, Target doesn’t offer too many surprises. While they may not pay top rates, they recently announced increases in their minimum hourly wages, which is good news for anyone considering applying for a job there. Is working at Target the right choice for you? Hopefully, the information above will help you find the answer!

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