Does Publix Liquor Sell Cigars

Publix is known for its fantastic deli counter and customer service. But did you know that Publix also has a liquor store? Here, you can pick up any of your ABC needs and much more! If you’re planning a big event that requires alcohol and tobacco, try going to a Publix liquor store today. Although Publix has a wide array of liquor, beer, and cigarettes, Publix Liquor does not sell cigars. 

Publix Liquor does not sell cigars in-store. Instead, Publix Liquor offers a selection of cigarettes and chewing tobacco in the liquor store. 

If you’re considering visiting a Publix Liquor store, here are some things you should know about purchasing tobacco items at Publix Liquor locations. 

Which Types Of Cigars Are Available To Purchase

Tobacco products are available for purchase at the register of all Publix Liquor locations. Although it is common for liquor stores to offer a variety of cigars, Publix Liquor does not sell cigars. However, you can still purchase cigars from the Publix customer service desk in the grocery store.

With over 800 Publix grocery stores in Florida, try visiting the Publix grocery service desk for cigar purchase

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran, purchasing cigars is a pretty simple process. Before you buy, it may help to go in with a bit of knowledge first.

There are two main types you can purchase in most stores, premium and standard.

Premium cigars are generally higher priced, and come in special sets. These are usually branded with their own unique casing, designed for you to keep on display.  

Generally, premium cigars will be handmade. They will have natural long-leaf filler. Overall, the craftsmanship is a bit better than standard ones. They are often not chemically treated, and so they provide the best flavor and experience.

Although you can purchase cigars in the store, don’t expect the employees to have the same expertise as you’d find in a cigar centered shop.

Getting your cigars at Publix generally works out better though. They have higher margins and you can probably find the brand and type you’re looking for a bit cheaper her than at a local business.

How to Purchase Cigars at Publix 

Keep in mind that for all alcohol and tobacco purchases, you must be 21 or older. If you’re considering purchasing cigars at Publix, you will need to bring a valid form of identification, such as 

  • Driver’s License 
  • Real ID
  • Military ID
  • Passport 

Keep in mind that you need to wait until after leaving the store before cutting and using it. Publix is a grocery store after all, and does not permit smoking on the property.

As you finish up your Publix Liquor shopping trip, you may be in the mood for a cigar. Now that you know that Publix Liquors does not sell cigars consider stopping by a Publix grocery store to buy a cigar at the customer service desk. You should have no problem purchasing alcohol or tobacco products from Publix if you’re over 21 and drink responsibly. 

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