Do Walmart Rewards Points Expire – Here’s How It Works!

Walmart’s credit card has an excellent point system that accumulates different points for each purchase. These points help you save money when used for in-person and online transactions. If you frequently shop at Walmart, opting into their point system by opening a credit card with their company is a great way to gain back some financial rewards.

In general, Walmart’s rewards points don’t expire unless a Walmart Customer Spark account becomes inactive. Your account must also remain in good standing.

So, as long as you keep your account active, your unredeemed points will remain. If you do plan to close your account, make sure to use up those points; you can’t take them with you!

The points system works a lot like any other credit card type of points experience. Read on to learn more about how the points system work, and what you can do with those unredeemed points.

How Much Is Each Point Worth?

Each Walmart Rewards Point is worth one cent. That means once you spend $1, you will have 100-point rewards. As you can see, your point bank will continue to increase significantly as you continue to spend using your Walmart credit card. Once you’ve accumulated enough coins, you can cash them in for cash rewards.

Points$ spent
1 point$0.01
100 points$1.00
1000 points$10.00
10000 points$100.00

You can redeem your points once they reach 100. At this point, your value would only be $1. While you can certainly use your points here, waiting until you’ve accumulated more may be more beneficial. 

How to Redeem Your Points

If you’re buying a purchase online, upon checkout, there will be an option to redeem your reward points. You can see the points applied to your dollar amount, saving you money on the total purchase. The points will be added to your account as a credit, which you can expect to see within three business days of your purchase. 

If you forget to use your points on a purchase, you can request to have your points applied to past purchases within their requirements. Only purchases made within 90 days of the request can apply points to them. Submit the request at

You don’t have to only use your points on a purchase with Walmart. You can redeem your points for cash value once you’ve accumulated at least 100 points. Simply submit your request to redeem points, and you will see the option for receiving your points as a check, or you can also apply the dollar amount to your credit card balance.

The latter option is excellent for adding an extra bit of cash to your balance without having to cut back on your spending. 

Travel Points

You can also gain travel perks by saving up on your Walmart Rewards. Only consumers that have the Walmart Rewards Mastercard are eligible to use these points for travel costs. These perks include discounted flights, hotel stays, and car rentals.

Using your Walmart card for daily purchases is a convenient way to save money on traveling and can help you save on future vacations. 

Gift Cards

You can also redeem your points and receive the dollar amount as gift cards. Walmart allows you to choose between a Walmart gift card or choosing another popular retailer. These gift cards are a convenient way to spend money at other businesses, just from spending money on your weekly groceries.

Gift cards make great gifts, and if you’re ever in need of a present for a special event, you may be able to redeem some of your Walmart Points in the form of one. 

Where Can You Use Your Walmart Mastercard?

You can use your Walmart Mastercard anywhere that takes Mastercard. The number of points you accumulate per purchase will depend on what business you use it at. For the Walmart Store Card, you won’t be able to use it at business outside of Walmart’s network, which means you aren’t able to earn points using it in this manner. 

When Do Points Reset?

The Walmart Rewards points will not reset as long as your account is active. So, you can continue to stockpile these points until you have the chance to use them in their fullness.

Whether you’re looking to save money on travel, gain some extra cash, or want to save money on your online purchases, the Walmart Rewards point system can help. 

How to Apply

If you’re looking for more information on how to apply for a Walmart Credit Card, you can see if you’re pre-approved through their website below.

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