Will Costco Exchange Diapers

New and experienced parents alike can make mistakes when purchasing diapers. Incorrect sizes or materials that irritate their baby’s skin cannot necessarily be dealt with through a whole box of diapers, but most places are stingy with diaper exchanges, especially if the box is open or missing altogether. Will Costco exchange diapers?

Costco will accept returns or exchanges on diapers thanks to their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

 This fact can ease parents’ minds knowing that a simple mistake is not something they and their baby will have to deal with until the unsuitable diapers are either used, tossed, or donated.

Read on to learn more about Costco’s diaper exchange policy.

What is Costco’s diaper return/exchange policy?

Diapers can be returned or exchanged at any time for any reason at Costco, which sets them apart from many other retailers that will only accept returns or exchanges for specific reasons under certain conditions.

The only requirement is that the exchange or return must be done within a 90-day period, though there is some conflicting information on how strict this time period really is for the exchange or return of diapers. If attempting to exchange diapers past the 90-day return/exchange window, be prepared that this may not be accepted. In this case, consider gifting the diapers to a friend in need or a local shelter so they are not wasted.

Otherwise, returns and exchanges can be made in-store or online, though online returns or exchanges will take longer to process and receive the proper item than going to your local Costco and speaking with an employee.

When doing an exchange from an online purchase, whether the diapers sent were incorrect or they wound up not working out for any reason, returning/exchanging online is easy too: go through the prompts on the Costco website and print out the free return shipping label. Then, you can drop off the package at UPS or USPS, and the right item will be shipped once the old item has been received.

Open-box or closed, Costco will work with the customer to ensure they are satisfied with their exchange and overall experience at their store. After all, their policy is a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Can you exchange diapers at Costco without a receipt?

With Costco’s lenient return policy, a receipt is not necessarily needed. However, it can make the process easier and smoother for both the customer and the employee. The customer’s Costco membership number may be used to verify the purchase if a receipt has been tossed or otherwise lost.

Bring the original form of payment to get a refund, which is typically processed within two business days. In the case of exchanges, these can generally be done without a receipt, but do expect to be asked for your Costco membership number to verify the purchase.

It’s in the customer’s best interest to keep their receipt, especially when buying new products because Costco will track the number of returns made without a receipt to protect them from fraudulent activity. Excessive returns can lead to a permanent ban from the store.

Exchanges, however, are not tracked the same way, but it’s still best to limit the amount of exchanging done for the convenience of both the customer and the Costco employees.

Can you exchange already opened diapers?

Opened diapers can be exchanged, no questions asked. However, don’t be surprised if a return is not accepted because most of the diapers are missing. A few won’t raise suspicion, but if a customer attempts to exchange an almost empty box of diapers, the possibility of an exchange may vary.

It’s easy to accidentally grab the wrong size or use one diaper and realize it is not reacting well with the baby’s sensitive skin. Fortunately, Costco understands these issues and will gladly accept a return or exchange of opened (unused) diapers. These diapers can be exchanged even if there is no box, but if you can still bring in some of the original packaging, it will help to expedite the exchange process.

If swapping out for a more expensive box of diapers, the customer will still need to pay the difference. Still, this is much better than being out the cost of the unusable diapers plus the cost of the new ones.

Final Thoughts

Buying diapers can be a trial and error experience, especially for new parents, and it’s very helpful to have an understanding and lenient retailer on your side.

Costco will refund your money for returned diapers, or better yet, offer an exchange in the case of a wrong size purchase or any other reason the customer may have to exchange the item. Just try to hold onto that receipt if purchasing a new brand of diapers so you can do any potential exchanges swiftly.

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