Will Home Depot Negotiate Price?

Home improvement projects are expensive, and getting a deal on the materials is a great way to lower the costs. However, Home Depot is probably not the place to go if you want to negotiate or haggle on price. 

Home Depot is one of the largest corporate home improvement superstores in the country, and they sell everything you could possibly need to complete a home improvement project, from drywall to faucets to basic furniture for your home.

Due to them being a corporate superstore, they must closely follow brand rules and guidelines, which often prevents them from negotiating prices with customers

In most situations, Home Depot will not negotiate with you on pricing. The price on the Home Depot tag is the price you will need to pay in order to take an item home. However, there are some ways to get around this and to get a better deal on an item you find at Home Depot.

How Can I Get A Discount at Home Depot?

Your best bet if you want to get a discount on an item at Home Depot is to wait for an item to go on sale or look for a coupon code online. Home Depot does run promotional campaigns both in-store and online, so it’s a good idea to do a little research once you decide to purchase an item and see what deals are out there. 

Tips for Getting Discounts at Home Depot

See if You Quality For Special Discounts 

Home Depot offers special discounts for certain groups of consumers, and that can be a good way to get a discount if you qualify for any of the offers. For example, they offer 10% off your purchase with a military discount. This offer is good for anyone who is an active member or veteran of any US military branch. 

Sign Up for a Home Depot Credit Card

Home Depot also has a credit card program that allows you to get discounts on certain items. When you sign up for a new credit card affiliated with Home Depot, you will be eligible for discounts when you shop at Home Depot, such as up to $50 off on qualifying purchases. 

Join the Home Depot Loyalty Program 

Another great way to save money when shopping at Home Depot is by signing up to be a member of their loyalty program. Home Depot offers many extra perks to reward shoppers for being loyal fans of the Home Depot brand.

The best thing about the membership programs is that the rewards and discounts Home Depot offers change frequently. You can earn rewards for every dollar you spend, in addition to the other promotions they periodically will run throughout the year.

The more money you spend at Home Depot, the more rewards and discounts you will receive when you shop. As a bonus, you’ll also be eligible for free perks in the store, like a free drink or snack. This can make a big difference in helping you save money if you shop often at Home Depot!

Other Strategies To Get a Lower Price at Home Depot

Look for damaged items.

This method only works for in-store shopping, but it’s an effective way to potentially knock up to 10% off of the cost of an item. If you are shopping in person at Home Depot, look to see if any of the items you are trying to purchase are damaged or have imperfections.

While you don’t want to buy an item that is so damaged it is no longer usable, sometimes there might just be one light scratch on a piece of furniture or a set of tools that is missing a piece you don’t need for your project.

If you show the sales representative the damaged item while checking out, they may be able to give you a discount on the items, and sometimes it may be a sizeable percentage off. This is not always guaranteed to work, but it’s worth a try if you really like an item and do see that it has flaws or imperfections.

Wait to buy an item during a holiday weekend.

Home Depot runs promotional sales throughout the year, which is a great way to save on big-ticket items. Often these sales coincide with major holidays or big shopping weekends throughout the year.

As with most retailers, Home Depot also runs a lot of promotional specials at the end of the year during the holiday season. If you want to save money on your purchase, it may be worth delaying buying your item until you see you can get it on sale.

Ask if you can purchase the floor model.

If you are buying appliances or furniture at Home Depot, you may save a lot of money by purchasing the floor model in the store. While the store may not be able to sell the floor models of everything, it is always worth asking to see!

The floor models are often discounted because they have been sitting in the stores for a long time and cannot be classified as brand new or sold online. Often these pieces have never been used, so if you are ok with knowing it’s gotten some wear and tear sitting in the store, it is worth asking to see!

Try to get an item price matched.

If you know a competitor of Home Depot sells the same item for a lower price, you can try to show the competitor’s pricing to the cashier when you check out to see if they can match the price. Home Depot states on its website that they have a price match guarantee, so it is likely if you have proof of a reputable retailer selling the same item for a lower price, they will be able to give you the lower rate.

If they are not, then you always have the option to walk away from Home Depot and go to the competitor to purchase the item for a lower price. 

Final Thoughts

While Home Depot is not a store that allows you to negotiate on pricing, there are many ways to get around this. If you are motivated, it’s possible to get a discount on a Home Depot item by trying some of the techniques listed above.

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