Does Dollar General Accept 100 Dollar Bills

When shopping at Dollar General, you’ll likely walk out with quite a few items for a low price tag. Unfortunately, all you happen to have on you is a $100 bill. Does Dollar General accept 100-dollar bills?

Dollar General will take large bills, like $100 bills, when you’re making a purchase there. However, if you’re trying to break the bill without making a purchase, you’re better off going to a bank or grocery store to do this.

Keep reading for more information on accepted forms of payment at Dollar General and what to expect when you’re paying with large bills.

Does Dollar General check $100 bills?

Any time an exchange of money occurs when large bills are involved, it’s good practice for the cashier to check to ensure it isn’t counterfeit. This is especially true if low-dollar transactions are made, as it’s a popular scam to use fake $50 or $100 bills to purchase a couple of dollars worth of product, allowing the customer to get legitimate money back in change.

At stores like Dollar General, cashiers are likely conscious of these scams, so don’t be surprised (or offended) if your $100 bill gets swiped with a pen or inspected carefully to guarantee its legitimacy.

Suppose you have an older $100 bill. In that case, it might be refused if it is degraded or if the counterfeit-detecting ink isn’t compatible with the older bills, even though they are still technically legal tender.

When in doubt about old, large denomination bills, the customer can take them to the bank to be exchanged for newer ones before using them for purchasing merchandise. This will make checking the bill easier for the cashier and reduce the risk of the customer being turned away for money that cannot be verified as real, saving time and potential embarrassment.

What forms of payment does Dollar General accept?

Dollar General accepts all major credit cards (including American Express and Discover) and will even take PayPal as a payment when orders are placed online through the website. Cash is also accepted at all locations, even in large denominations. You can get up to $40 cashback at most Dollar Generals when paying with a debit or credit card.

Touchless pay options like ApplePay may be accepted at some stores, but is not yet widely available at all locations across the United States, so don’t rely on this payment method to get you through your in-store purchase.

Final Thoughts

Dollar General continues to be a convenient place to shop for everything from basic home necessities to holiday decor shopping, and you don’t have to worry about being turned away if all you have on you is a $100 bill.

Breaking a large bill by making a small purchase is acceptable so long as the cash can be verified as legitimate, and the cashier should have access to the funds to give you the right amount of change back.

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