Will Publix Cook Your Seafood – What You Should Know!

Have you ever found yourself completely behind in preparing a meal for your family’s gathering? With only hours until your family shows up knocking, you find yourself at last-minute grocery shopping at Publix, and you realize, “I don’t have enough time to prepare all of this seafood! I wonder if they can prepare it for me?” It seems like a long shot for a grocery chain to prepare a meal for you, but let’s find out! Is Publix able to prepare my seafood for me? Let’s dive in! 

Yes, Publix will cook your seafood. They will steam your fresh selections for you while you finish your shopping! Publix even offers professionally seasoned seafood that you hand select that is placed in a convenient steamer bag with easy-to-follow directions ready to steam in-store or for you to prepare at home. 

Phew! What a relief! Family dinner is still on; don’t worry; it’s our little secret. What an amazing service for Publix to offer. However, I have some other burning questions about their steam for you services. So let us dive in to find out some seafood specifics to ensure we know what to expect.

What kind of seafood will Publix prepare?

From fresh and never frozen crab legs and lobster tails, tuna, and salmon, to juicy mussels and clams – if they sell it and you see it in their display case…they will steam it. The only catch is your selection has to be seafood, of course.

They even take care of the not-so-fun part of preparing seafood, like deveining shrimp or removing scales and tails from fish. What kind of seafood wizards are these people!?

Where do I go in Publix to request my seafood to be prepared?

Head straight back to the seafood department. Chances are your nose will find its way to the always-fresh and never-frozen box filled with fish of all varieties. It smells fresh, as can be seafood from the ocean’s pungent, salty waters.

Ask your local seafood specialist to prepare a take-home steamer bag or to cook it for you while you shop. Just be courteous and do not ask for these services before closing.

Generally, about 30 minutes before closing, they will clean their steamers and start putting away their seafood until the next morning. However, if you call in advance and arrange for them to steam your seafood, you can certainly pick it up during the wee hours before the store closes.

How long does it take?

Cooking seafood at home can take up a lot of time, especially if you aren’t familiar with cooking it. Utilizing Publix’s steaming services will open that window of time up to get other priorities in line, so you don’t have to worry about steaming it yourself. It depends on your seafood’s order size, but it does not take much longer than 20 minutes.

When you hand-select your seafood from the ice box, Publix’s seafood clerks will give you a window of time to finish your shopping so you don’t have to stand around and wait. If it’s a larger order, call your local store clerk ahead to arrange a time window for them to prepare your food and confirm the estimated cook time.

Overall, they know what they are doing and wouldn’t offer this service in-store if it was a total time-eater. 

Will they season the seafood for me?

Publix has a wide variety of different seasoning combinations to appease many pallets. They will offer to season your seafood with your favorite classic flavors like Old Bay Seasoning or simple butter, salt, and pepper.

Or they have many options for the more complex pallet to make your dinner taste more unique and refined.

They carry many fresh herbs like rosemary, sage, thyme, bay leaves, and specialty blends that they have curated for the biggest fish-eating lover. If you are a novice seafood connoisseur, their seafood team will give you great recommendations on flavor combos that will leave you wanting more and impress your guests. They have seasonings ranging from curated dry rubs to herb-infused butter and oils.

Can I order online?

Ordering items online has taken over our world, making life a little more convenient. Thankfully Publix falls right in line with those services. Publix does offer an easy-to-use online ordering system to make planning ahead a simple task.

What is so convenient about this feature is once you get your head count for the amount of seafood you will need, you can visually see the cost of the seafood and its preparation charges ahead of time. Head to their website at www.Publix.com and click on order ahead.

You will see so many different selections your taste buds will be bursting. Once you confirm your order, their seafood specialists will take care of the rest, and all you are left to do is pick it up from your local Publix (or mow the yard, which you haven’t done in the last two weeks.)

What if Publix doesn’t have the seafood I am looking for?

Sometimes it is a total drag when you have been craving that specific salmon caught in the most northern tip of Alaska, but it is incredibly hard to find! You’re in luck! Publix has a vast array of seafood selections they can special order for you (make sure you plan, however, as it usually takes 2-3 days to arrive in store for you to pick up.)

Publix is proud to share that their seafood team can help you select from more than 80 varieties of seafood to be ordered specially for you. Make sure to mention your favorites or ask for suggestions so you can broaden your pallet and impress your guests!

Publix has got it going on in their seafood department. I know their seafood lineup will save me some prep time and bring in some compliments from my future dinner guests.

Now you have all the necessary information to ensure you are prepared for your next family feast! Be sure to try their cajun crab legs, steamed store, of course. You won’t be disappointed. 

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