Will UPS Accept A FedEx Box

Receiving and sending packages is common today. However, there are times when something needs to be mailed out, and it so happens that the only box available is from the delivery courier’s competitor. At UPS, would they accept the box even though it has the design and name of another courier?

The short answer is: Yes, UPS will accept the box and ship it as long as it has a tracking number and shipping label that belongs to UPS.

While UPS does accept boxes from their competitors, it is a good practice to place items in boxes that do not have a design or show any of the UPS competitors. This is because while there is a tracking number and shipping label that belongs to UPS, it can still cause confusion while in transit. The last thing anyone would want is to find that their package is delayed because of this.

However, UPS acknowledges that there are times when people can reuse a box or are in a bind and cannot use anything else. For example, customers reuse boxes from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other vendors with no issues. UPS workers will do whatever possible to ensure that the UPS label is visible to prevent confusion.

UPS Packaging Guidelines

UPS is one of the most popular shipping companies in the United States. UPS is used daily to complete deliveries to multiple locations in the U.S. While they are flexible with what materials can be used to ship, they have some requirements regarding packaging. These requirements are as follows:

  • Use a box that has flaps but is rigid. It is recommended that customers refrain from using boxes since their integrity can be compromised in transit.
  • Cushioning material to support what is being shipped and preventing damage.
  • Strong tape or wrap to seal the parcel and prevent opening during shipment.
  • Wrapping items separately inside the box to prevent damage.
  • No shipping of any hazardous materials
  • Removing prior labels from prior shipments to prevent confusion.
  • Make sure that shipping labels are secured and visible.
  • Place a duplicate label inside the box.

At UPS, customers can use whatever size box they want but can also purchase a smaller or larger box as needed. Other packing materials are also available for purchase, and your local UPS center can tape your box for you for a minor fee.

Prohibited and Restricted Items that May Not Ship

Additionally, customers should note that there are items that are illegal to mail. When packaging your own parcel, it is important to consider these regulations. In addition, UPS will ask if any items are hazardous before sending anything out. Items that cannot be mailed are:

  • Fireworks
  • Bank bills, notes, and other currencies
  • Hazardous waste
  • Human remains, embryos, and other body parts
  • Ivory and other rare animal materials
  • Vape products and recreational drugs
  • Postage stamps
  • Anything deemed illegal by federal law

Apart from prohibited items, some items are restricted. They vary from anything from alcohol to items of high value or firearms. This is because transporting these items bares a form of liability for UPS, and they have the legal right to determine how much they are willing to risk to transport a product.

If it is identified that a customer managed to ship out a prohibited product, UPS holds the right to impose a $150 fee plus applicable charges. Customers are encouraged to reach out to UPS directly if they doubt their items violate UPS shipping policies.

The Next Time You Ship

Despite the limits, for the most part, UPS makes shipping with them a favored experience. Customers tend to feel the same way and consistently use them to care for their shipment needs, whether personal items or business-related products.

UPS is exceptionally convenient and one of the more favored shipping services in the market today. However, customers should remember that when preparing a package at home, they can use whatever box they like so long as it is sturdy and appropriately sealed. UPS recommends that customers take the extra step to ensure their packages are secured to prevent any damages while in transit.

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