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While it does not happen often, some vendors require that delivery companies receive a confirmation on delivery through the signature of the recipient or someone residing at the residence. Does the same apply if you are expecting a package that will be delivered through DHL?

DHL requires a signature for all Express Delivery packages, which is standard, no matter what is being shipped. There are a few exceptions to their policies, but they must be coordinated beforehand or after the first delivery attempt.

Since there are no exceptions to this policy, DHL encourages customers to coordinate for someone to be home at the time of receipt so that there are no delays and a signature can be provided to the driver. If no one can be home, the recipient can coordinate with DHL to proceed with one of the alternative methods to receive a package.

If you are expecting a package delivered via DHL, what can you do if you cannot be home? And what are the exceptions to their policies?

DHL Requires a Signature

It is safe to assume that with any package, DHL will default to a standard delivery requiring a signature from the recipient or someone at the residence.

When the shipment is being coordinated, the shipper typically sets signatures, and it is to ensure that the package arrives at the correct location—and, more importantly—to the correct recipient. A signature confirming receipt lets senders know that their package was successfully delivered and provides a piece of mind that the delivery was successful.

By using a service called Signature Release, recipients can advise DHL to release the package without a signature from the recipient. This notice will be placed in the file, and the driver will know once they go to complete the delivery.

What Happens if No One is Home?

If you are away from home at the delivery time, DHL will reach you to coordinate a new delivery attempt. More often than not, they begin this process by leaving a note on your door. Customers would need to reach out to customer service to coordinate a new delivery time when someone is home.

In cases where no home exists, DHL offers flexible options that customers can choose from.

What If You Are Unwilling to Sign Upon Delivery?

After the Pandemic in 2020, there were many cases where recipients refused to sign packages for fear of contamination and the spread of the COVID-19 disease. DHL implemented a policy to address concerns where customers were not required to sign, but the driver would write the recipient’s name instead of receiving their signature. DHL calls this alternative Contactless Delivery.

While it is recommended that customers be able to sign at delivery, contactless Delivery was a game changer, as it allowed drivers to complete their deliveries despite the limitations of the circumstances at the time. Customers must select this option or let the driver know at the time of delivery to activate it. Customers can also reach out after a note is left on their door.

Fortunately, DHL has developed multiple customer options, encouraging recipients to fully take advantage of them to receive their packages as soon as possible. There are six possible alternatives that customers can choose from at DHL to deliver and receive packages:

  1. DHL Express Service Point – This access point can safely house packages until the recipient can pick them up. These service points are a great option when scheduling a delivery time between the DHL and the recipients is difficult.
  2. Signature Release – allows customers to notify DHL and its drivers to deliver packages without needing the recipient’s signature. In these cases, customers can assume they will be liable in theft cases.
  3. Schedule a New Delivery Date – This can be moved up to 7 days after the scheduled delivery date. Moving the delivery date is an excellent option for those anticipating to be working late or if they will be out of town and unable to meet the driver at the delivery address. Customers can schedule the new delivery online after receiving their ODD message via text.
  4. Leave the Package with a Neighbor – customers must make sure to let DHL know about the selection of this option. Additionally, customers must speak to their neighbors to confirm that they are willing to hold their package. Leaving your packages with a trusted neighbor is a great option, but DHL understands that not everyone knows their neighbors well enough to take advantage of this alternative.
  5. Delivery to Another Address – DHL will let the customer know when the package will arrive with a new date once the updated address is updated in their systems. This alternative can delay the delivery time of the package, so that is something to keep in mind.
  6. 30-Day Vacation Hold – Customers are required to advise DHL ahead of time before this hold can be put in place. But customers can take advantage and pause all deliveries if they know they will be out of town and expecting a package. Upon the end of the vacation hold, all deliveries will commence at the delivery address.

Next Time When You Are Expecting a Package from DHL

DHL attempts to acquire a customer’s signature each time they attempt to deliver. While they can often come when the customer is home, sometimes the customer will need to reach out to them to coordinate delivery.

Additionally, since 2020, DHL has implemented a policy allowing contactless deliveries that no longer need a signature from the recipient. In cases like this, drivers can check that the package was part of a contactless delivery and print the recipient’s name in the system instead.

Suppose there is a case where the available delivery times do not work for a customer. In that case, alternative methods can be used to ensure that you receive your packages within a reasonable time. DHL works to make sure that deliveries are made timely and efficient. Are you planning to use the contactless delivery option the next time you expect a package?

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