Will USPS Take My Package From My Mailbox

There have been times when you go on vacation or have a busy week where there is no time to check your mailbox. If your mailbox is full of packages and mail, can USPS remove items from your mailbox? What if you need to send something and cannot make it to a drop-off USPS location?

USPS will coordinate a pickup time and date to deliver any packages. Still, the packages can be out of the mailbox. They can be picked up from any residential or business location and shipped nationally or internationally. This also applies to returns with prepaid labels.

All packages must be properly packaged and sealed to be picked up. USPS is not responsible for poor packaging and does not offer the service to seal the package for you for a small fee. The only way to have a package sealed at a USPS location is to pay for an entire roll of packing tape, which tends to be overpriced due to its convenience.

If your packages linger too long in your mailbox, USPS can decide to remove them from the premises and place them on hold. Redelivery can be requested once you contact USPS directly or visit your local office.

Free Pickup from Your Home or Business

USPS will coordinate and pick up your package from your home or business and do it for free. Customers are required to complete the information online before coordinating their pickup. Users must select Check Availability before being able to move forward with the process.

As customers progress through the process, they will need to advise whether there is a dog on the property so that personnel is aware. If dogs are onsite, USPS personnel take additional precautions to ensure their safety. When this is selected, you will move to step 2, where customers advise where their packages will be located. Customers can leave their packages in one of the following locations on the day of pickup:

  • Mailbox – can be inside or next to it
  • Porch or front door – can be next to the door or on the porch
  • Backdoor – the USPS worker will need details on how to access the back of the property safely
  • Side door – the USPS worker will need details on how to access the side of the property safely, how to access the gate, or if there are pets
  • Mailroom – with instructions for access
  • Office – with coordination with the office manager or front desk workers
  • Reception desk – with coordination with the receptionist
  • Or by knocking on the door and being hand given the package.

There is an additional option where customers can state where their packages will be, like behind a gate. Customers must provide additional information and as much detail as possible so that USPS personnel can find the package on the day of pickup.

After all of this is done, your usual USPS delivery person will come on the delivery date and take your package. If you would like a Premium Pickup service, each one will be $25, allowing you to schedule a pickup at a specific time. This option is excellent for those who mail out often or have many emergency packages that must be sent out as soon as possible.

Package Returns

While most customers will immediately turn to go to a store to get a package returned, USPS can pick up that package during their regular routes. Called a Return Service, this option allows customers to go on with their day without worrying about making an additional stop. And, for families or working parents, this gives them more flexibility to get what they need to be done.

Return Service is aimed more toward merchandise; think of Amazon, Old Navy, or anything similar. However, it is important to note that this service requires the vendor to be registered because vendors must supply the return information to the customer that is prepaid with USPS.

It is important to note that most merchants have adopted this practice. When preparing their packages, customers need to ensure that the shipping label is core placed, remove any old shipping labels, and seal the package.

So, when you go to your orders and start a return, it will generate a return slip that can be printed at home and attached to the package. Once complete, you can coordinate with USPS to leave the package for them to pick up. Remember that taking out the option to go to the post office helps with the time and effort to have the merchandise returned.

What If a Package That Was Delivered Remains for Days?

USPS FAQs state that if a resident does not empty their mailbox after ten days, the mail carrier has the right to take what is in it. When items are removed from the mailbox, they will be placed on hold until the resident comes to claim their mail.

Additionally, residents can schedule a redelivery of their mail by filling out Form 3849, which is accessible on the USPS website. While this service is widely available, USPS does state that it might be unavailable to some geographic locations.

The collection of items from a mailbox can occur when someone forgets to place a mail hold when they are on vacation or gone for an extended time. Customers are always welcome to go to the USP location to pick up their packages. Customers should have a photo ID ready before picking up their packages if this option is chosen.

Next Time You Need to Go to the Post Office

Don’t! The next time you drop off a package, you do not need to rush to the post office after work or during lunch and wait in long lines. Instead, use their free online package pickup service to have a USPS pick up your package and mail it out. Remember that the package can be stored in your mailbox if it fits and must be packaged and sealed properly to be picked up.

Now that you know about this new service, are you more inclined to leave your package in your mailbox for pickup? It is a benefit that only some know about and should try to use when they need it.

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