Does Dollar General Load Venmo Cards

Venmo is an increasingly common way for people to send and receive money and is starting to branch out into other kinds of financial transactions. 

That includes the recent launch of debit and credit cards partnered with Mastercard through Venmo. Connected to your Venmo accounts, these cards are accepted at many retailers, which means you can do much more with Venmo than ever before. 

The problem is, at least with the Venmo debit card, that you need to have money available, and transfer times are still a little longer with Venmo than with your average bank. Loading money directly onto the card at a retailer could help solve the problem of long loading times. 

So, can you loan Venmo cards at Dollar General? 

No. The only way to transfer money to Venmo cards is through the Venmo app. While there are more options in the future, it’s better to think of your Venmo card as a traditional debit or credit card for now, which means managing your money through an account like a bank account. 

How Do You Load Money Onto A Venmo Card?

Right now, the only way to load money onto a Venmo card is to transfer that money from your Venmo account. 

However, to get money into your Venmo account, you don’t need a direct deposit. You can link a bank account to Venmo by providing the information for that account. 

Just remember that transfers from your bank to Venmo can take between 3-5 days on average, and the money is only considered ‘in’ your Venmo account once the transfer is completed. So if you spend money that’s being transferred to Venmo before it gets there, you may still get hit with an overdraft fee. 

Does Dollar General Load Money Onto Other Cash Cards? 

Yes, Dollar General does let customers load money onto their cards in the store anytime. There aren’t limits on this other than the limits on the cards themselves and compatibility. 

Cash App, Chime, and several other cash cards can be loaded at Dollar General. If you’re worried about whether a specific card can be loaded, you can always ask a cashier and double-check. 

Most cash cards can also be loaded at Walmart, 7-Eleven, and CVS locations. 

How Can You Find Out Which Stores Can Load Your Cash Cards?

The best way to find out what retailers will let you load cash onto your card is to log in to the card’s brand website. They’ll have information about how to load cash onto your card, how to set up an account if you need one, and which retailers work with their cards. 

It’s essential to look for the list of participating retailers since not all retailers will be willing to process the transaction for you. Every card will have its list of participating retailers. 

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