Does Dollar General Take Returns Without Receipts

Dollar General is a staple store for people looking for a good deal, and they sell a wide variety of products from seasonal décor and toys to food to media and household items.

However, when you’re shopping for a good deal, you always risk a product won’t work as well as you expected it to, or it just won’t deliver the quality you expected. When that happens, regardless of the deal you got in the first place, it’s understandable to want to return the items that aren’t working.

Unfortunately, when you look at Dollar General’s return policies, they can be more confusing than helpful. Here’s what you need to know about how returns work at Dollar General, whether you can still return items without a receipt, and more.

Does Dollar General Accept Returns Without A Receipt

Dollar General requires a receipt if you want to return a product for a refund. However, they do allow exchanges on Dollar General products without a receipt, with some limitations.

For instance, holiday items cannot be exchanged for other items. Instead, they need to be exchanged for an identical item. So if your holiday item doesn’t work properly and you don’t have a receipt, you can exchange that item for another of the same item that will hopefully work properly.

The other limitation is less common these days since people are less likely to buy electronic media like CDs or DVDs at Dollar General since streaming took over most media services. However, if you buy CDs and DVDs, they can only be exchanged for other items if returned unopened. Opened electronic media and devices can only be exchanged for identical items, just like holiday items.

The last limitation is that Dollar General doesn’t allow returns or exchanges of opened food. You can only return or exchange unopened alcoholic beverages, and you cannot return or exchange tobacco products at all.

Online Returns At Dollar General

Dollar General also has an online store you can buy from, but how do returns work at Dollar General?

Well, you first need to know that you can do both returns and exchanges on items you purchased online, but only online. You cannot return or exchange online purchases in-store or in-store purchases online.

That’s a little more restrictive than some other companies’ return policies but still workable in most cases. Just try to make sure you know which products came from which kind of store so you can return them to the right locations.

If You Can’t Return An Item, Can You Exchange It?

In some cases, yes, if you don’t have a receipt and can’t return an item for a refund, you may be able to exchange it. Most of the time, you can even exchange the item for something else in the store that’s the same price (which is easy at Dollar General), or you can take store credit and use that to make other purchases.

However, there are a few things that either can’t be exchanged or can’t be exchanged for anything else.

For instance, if you buy holiday-themed items at Dollar General, which can be some of their most popular inventory, and lose the receipt before you can return the item, you can’t exchange it for anything else. But you can get a different one of the same item and hope that it works better.

This limitation exists because holiday items are only good for a limited season. If people return them and they don’t sell during that season, the store either has to get rid of them and accept the loss or put the holiday-themed inventory back in storage until the next time it’s relevant, which is expensive.

Either way, Dollar General wants to limit the number of returns and exchanges on these time-sensitive goods.

Other limits are on things like alcoholic beverages, which can be returned and exchanged, but only if they are unopened, or on electronics which can be returned and exchanged but can only be exchanged for an identical item if they are opened.

If you aren’t sure whether a given item can be exchanged, you can always ask the cashier when you come into the store. They’ll understand the rules and will be able to explain what you can or can’t exchange.

Are There Any Items You Can’t Exchange Or Return From Dollar General?

Yes, there are a few items that Dollar General doesn’t accept for exchanges or returns, mostly because they can’t be resold.

Those include food items, tobacco products, opened alcoholic beverages, and items the purchaser has damaged.

Additionally, your local store may have additional limitations, but these are rare and are usually posted at the store for customers to see.

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