Does Kroger Accept 100 Dollar Bills

Kroger is one of the most popular grocery stores in the United States. While most customers like to checkout using credit cards, sometimes they use cash instead. It may have happened to you when you go to a store and only have large bills to pay, only to realize that the vendor does not accept that payment.

But what if you only have a hundred dollars and no other form of payment? Can you still buy what you need at Kroger? Will they accept that particular form of payment?

Fortunately, by federal law, $100 is considered a legal form of payment; however, vendors are not obligated to accept it. So, while many stores can accept hundred-dollar bills, only some stores may do so. Many stores are only accepting up to twenty bills.

Smaller bills are less often part of fraudulent schemes. This makes it easier for businesses to continue operating as usual without the risk of theft and losses in businesses where these fraudulent transactions occur, such as fast-food restaurants.

Kroger is flexible when it comes to its payment policies. And fortunately, they do accept one-hundred-dollar bills. In addition, the store may have more internal processes shown in training to their employees to ensure that the bill submitted by the customer is not fraudulent. But, overall, the payment process is kept simple for customers.

Kroger Payment Acceptance Policies

Kroger—like most other large grocers—have flexible payment policies that accept multiple methods to ensure that all their shoppers can pay using their preferred payment method.

Generally, the methods of payment that are accepted at all Kroger locations are as follows:

  • Cash – any bill, including a hundred-dollar bill
  • Credit cards – include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
  • EBT (food stamps)
  • Gift Cards – Gift cards can be Kroger gift cards or a general gift card from Visa or Mastercard. The cashier will also be able to tell you the remaining balance on the card.
  • Kroger Pay App – customers here will connect their preferred payment methods before shopping, and it will allow for contactless checkout and pick-up orders.
  • Personal Check – must be filled out correctly to be accepted.

It is important to note that Kroger is not currently accepting Apply Pay, but they are looking at adding the feature in the future. If customers have a paycheck, they can cash it at their money services desk and use that cash to pay once they are done shopping. The store also accepts personal checks as a form of payment; however, they must be completed correctly to be accepted by the vendor.

Kroger Pay App

The Kroger Pay App was launched for customers to clip coupons, check prices, and even pay for groceries and gas. Customers who own an Apple or Android phone can download the app free from the app market and create an account.

The best part about this app is that customers can access all of Kroger’s services. This includes placing orders for catering or cooked meals, creating a shopping list, and finding discounts.

If customers want to schedule a grocery pick-up and pay ahead of time, it is also possible through this app. In the app, customers can take advantage of a contactless checkout by scanning their personalized QR code through the app. The payment method through the app is connected beforehand and is secure and a quick way to get your groceries.

With the Kroger Pay App, Kroger allows customers to link the cards that are part of their rewards program and have incentives to encourage them to continue shopping at Kroger. These incentives change weekly, but each purchase will reward members with 2% cash back on Kroger-branded goods and up to 50% more fuel points.

To set up rewards, customers only need to register at a physical store by entering their phone number. Then, customers will enter their phone numbers at each checkout to receive points for their purchases.

What Makes a $100 Bill Unacceptable

The Federal Reserve continuously updates dollar bills to make them easier to use and to make it more difficult for scammers to make counterfeit bills. As a result, the American money’s physical appearance and traits will change over time, as determined by the federal government.

Customers who doubt their bill is legitimate can always visit their local bank for verification. Additionally, they can also check the following traits of their hundred-dollar bill to check for authenticity:

  • All bills issued between 1996-2003 have raised printing on their surface
  • Tilting the bill will show a reflection of 100 in the bottom right corner, changing colors between red and blue when placed under the light.
  • Red and blue security fibers are embedded throughout the dollar bill.
  • When the bill is minted, a number is printed on the bottom left corner.

If you receive a large bill, like one hundred dollars, you should also know these tips to determine its authenticity. Counterfeit bills are typically confiscated and reported by vendors to the federal government when they are discovered.

The Takeaway

Shopping can become inconvenient when there are limits on which payment methods are accepted. As a shopper, it is essential to know what methods are accepted and which are not in the event of paying a hundred-dollar bill.

While the law does recognize that the one hundred bills are nationally accepted, it does not obligate vendors to accept them as a form of payment.

It is recommended that customers research the accepted forms of payment from their favorite Kroger locations. You can find ways to pay by calling your local store, checking online on their FAQs, or visiting your Kroger store. At Kroger, the form of accepted payment should be universally accepted across all locations. However, remember that they are subject to change at any time.

So, the next time you find yourself with a hundred-dollar bill, know that it should be accepted unless there is a sudden change to store policies. If there are any changes, the store will announce them on its website, app, and at the front of its store.

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