Does Publix Do Picture Cakes

Have you ever come to a party and thought the cake must have been from a fancy cake shop, to find out it was from Publix? I know it has surprised me a few times. I couldn’t believe the amount of decoration that went into a cake that came from Publix. Now, don’t get me wrong. Publix sells my favorite grocery store cake, but this gets me thinking. Does Publix put pictures on their cakes?

Publix does sell picture cakes, just not in the the way you think. 

So, what kind of picture cakes do they sell, and how can you get one?

Type of Picture Cakes

Unfortunately, Publix does not offer that many types of picture cakes, and it is not a picture covering the cake as you would expect. Instead, they decorate the cake as you want, and a 4×6 frame comes with the cake. The frame is black or white and can be placed anywhere on the cake.

You can choose any picture you like as long as it can fit in a 4×6 frame. These are called “Picture This” cakes. Edible picture cakes are not available at Publix.

How to Order

Publix requires 24-hour notice if you are choosing from pre-made cakes online. If you need the cake sooner, you can always call the store and talk directly to the bakery.

“Picture This” cakes can be ordered as ¼, ½, ¾, and full sheets. A quarter sheet cake starts at $33.99. You can order the cake in chocolate, vanilla, chocolate and vanilla combo, and superfetti. There is a variety of fillings, including:

  • Strawberry Custard
  • Buttercream Icing
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Dulce de Leche
  • Raspberry
  • German Chocolate
  • Lemon Raspberry
  • Banana Custard
  • Cannoli Cream
  • Lemon
  • Vanilla Custard

Each filling, except for the buttercream icing, is an additional cost of $6.25. The icing comes in various colors, but you can only get buttercream (in my opinion, Publix icing is the best), and the decoration is customizable. There is a space on the order form to add special instructions and a special message.

Unfortunately, they do not deliver these cakes, and you will need to pick them up at the store. Payment is available online and in-store. Graduation cakes also come with a 4×6 frame and start at $89.99.

These are  two-tiered, round cake that serve 28-33 people. Each layer of cake is customizable with the same colors of icing. You can choose chocolate, vanilla, and superfetti for the cake flavors.

Theme Cakes

Publix offers a variety of theme cakes. Each cake requires 24 hours’ notice, and you can order online. Each cake comes in the same flavors as previously mentioned, and all come with buttercream icing. 

Some of the themes Publix offers include:

  • Birthday
  • Holiday
  • TV/Movie
  • Religion
  • Sport
  • Disney/Pixar
  • Baby

All cakes require a 24- hour notice. If you need more time, stop in the store or call ahead for a consultation.

An interesting cake that Publix offers that is not necessarily common to a grocery store is a wedding cake. Publix offers over 40 options of wedding cakes that you can choose from after a one-on-one consultation. They require a 4-week notice before pick-up. The same flavors, fillings, and icing colors are available for these cakes.

Publix requires you to pick up your wedding cake. Of course, it might be easier to have it delivered for an additional fee. 

Where else can I get a Picture Cake?

Although you can’t get a cake with an edible photo from Publix, there are other grocery stores where you can order an edible photo cake.

Walmart offers edible photo cake toppers, which you can add to the cake yourself. You order them just like you would anything else online, and they come to your house in a few days. Otherwise, they offer customizable cakes similar to Publix, but no picture cakes are available.

Other grocery stores offer similar cake options to Publix; none offer the same “Picture This” option. I could not find another grocery store that offered an edible picture cake. Unfortunately, those cakes you would need to order those through a special bakery.

Walmart and Amazon offer edible picture cake toppers you would have to add to the cake yourself. And, for a special occasion cake, that’s something I would like to leave to the professionals.

If you want to order a great-tasting and great-looking taste for a reasonable price, then Publix has what you’re looking for. I like to customizable option of putting a picture or even a cute sign in the frame and adding it to the cake. That is something the recipient can keep.

Do they offer your friend’s face plastered across a sheet cake? No, they do not, but their cake options are creative and customizable. Is that not what we are all looking for these days anyway?

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