Publix Rehire Policy – Here’s What To Expect

If you have worked for a Publix store, you probably enjoyed the company benefits, like the ability to purchase company stock and the community feel amongst colleagues. If you are looking to work at Publix again after a hiatus, you might wonder what their rehire policy is. Does Publix rehire past employees, and do you need to reapply again?

Yes, Publix will rehire past employees. It will depend on how you left the company. For example, were you fired, or did you leave on your own?

What if you were let go and want to reconcile with Publix after some life circumstances have changed? Second chances are sometimes deserved. Or you may have left the job on your own for personal reasons and are looking to return to the company. Maybe you moved cities. You may have other questions like do your benefits pick up where you left off? Keep reading for detailed information on applying to Publix after leaving the company.

How do you apply for rehire at Publix?

You can begin your rehire process online. If you have any specific questions, you can contact the “Applicant Call Center” by phone or email.

If you are applying online, you should begin by going to, scrolling down to the bottom, and selecting “Careers.” This will take you to the Careers tab on the Publix website, where you can specify the location and department you are applying to. For example, there are corporate jobs, manufacturing facility jobs, and retail store jobs.

Once you select the department you are applying to, the website will first ask if you are applying for the first time or are a returning applicant. This is where you select you are a returning applicant. You can then select the store or multiple stores you are interested in applying to. This will begin an online questionnaire and job application.

If you have any questions about your application or the hiring process, you can email Or you can reach the Applicant Call Center by dialing the Publix customer service line at 1 (800) 242-1227.

The hours for this applicant call center are Monday-Friday from 8 am-6 pm, but hours are limited on major holidays.

After reaching customer service, you can follow the “Assistance With a Job Application” prompt option by pressing 5.

If you press “5” for assistance with your job application, you will then be asked if you are applying to one of their stores, a distribution center, a manufacturing facility, or a corporate office.

If you select “one of their stores,” for example, by pressing 1, there is then a series of frequently asked questions, including:

  • Forgot Password
  • How to apply to Publix
  • Receiving an error message when completing an application or test online
  • Change the store location in your application
  • Status of your application
  • Other questions

Selecting these options will prompt an automated response and loop you back to the main menu after. To reach a representative, you should press 8 for “other questions.”

Will Publix rehire you after being fired?

The short answer to this question is maybe. If you were previously let go from a job at Publix and want to reapply, it is suggested you call the Applicant Call Center with the instructions above to reach a representative.

The thing to know about reapplying after being fired is that it depends on why you were terminated from the job. There are many variables at play when someone is terminated, as well as rehiring someone that has been terminated for any company. Publix is not any different. The human resources and hiring department will decide whether to accept your application for rehire or not, and this will be a process based on your circumstances.

Just so you know, the representative will ask you for your social security number to pull up your history with the company. At that time, you will find out more information on whether your previous job can be reinstated or if you can apply for another job.

Is there a waiting period for rehire at Publix?

You may be moving cities and are looking to get rehired at a Publix store right away. Is there a waiting period to apply after you leave the company? No, there is no waiting period if you left the job on your own terms. If Publix terminated you, however, there may be a waiting period. You should call the applicant call center to speak with a representative about your specific circumstances.

Do your benefits pick up where you left off?

Nope. Sadly, whether you were fired or left the job on your own, your eligibility period for benefits like the stock purchase program of Publix shares will start over again.

You can read more details about the three investment programs and the eligibility period for employees of Publix here. Specifically, the Employee Stock Purchase Plan which allows eligible Publix employees to purchase additional shares of Publix stock at specific times throughout the year, has an eligibility waiting period of one full year of continuous employment.

If you are curious about other Publix employee benefits, like tuition reimbursement, you can visit this page. Specific questions regarding the rehiring process should be directed to a representative at the applicant call center.

So, does Publix rehire?

Yes, Publix absolutely hires past employees, depending on how you left the company. The process is pretty straightforward if you left on your own terms. If you left for personal reasons, you are likely eligible for rehire without many questions. If you were fired, however, there are a lot of variables at play in determining whether you are eligible for rehire. If you were fired, you should begin the conversation with a representative over the phone with the instructions above.

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