Does Sam’s Club Sell Interstate Batteries

Sam’s Club does not sell Interstate Batteries at any of their store locations or on their online website. They do sell other brands of batteries, but the brand Interstate Battery has an exclusive agreement with Costco, the direct competitor of Sam’s Club. 

There are many other places where you can purchase the Interstate Battery brand specifically, but Sam’s Club is not one of them. This is useful information to know if you are currently in the market for a new automotive battery and are looking for a specific type of battery.

If you are looking for a new Interstate Battery specifically, you will need to go to Costco and not Sam’s Club if you want to purchase it through a wholesale superstore retailer. If you can be more flexible with the brand you buy, you may have options to purchase batteries at both stores.

Where Can I Buy Interstate Battery Products?

You can purchase Interstate Batteries at many different locations around the country. On the Interstate Battery website, you can search by zip code to see if any auto shops near you carry their products specifically. 

Interstate Battery sells various car, truck, and recreational batteries, so different retailers may have a specific selection depending on their merchandise products. Costco is the most reliable source for purchasing this brand and offers a competitive pricing and warranty program for Interstate Batteries. 

However, it is good to know that Interstate Battery is just one brand of battery available. Plenty of other competitor brands sell similar battery products under a different brand name that will work just as well. 

Is There An Advantage to Buying A Battery at Sam’s Club?

The great thing about purchasing an automotive battery, specifically at Sam’s Club, is that they are known for carrying extremely dependable battery brands. Additionally, you can save a lot of money by purchasing at Sam’s Club instead of a dedicated automotive store by avoiding unnecessary fees. 

The other advantage to purchasing a battery at Sam’s Club is that you only have to pay for the cost of the battery, and you receive free installations for the batteries. Sam’s Club also has a great warranty program that can be a huge advantage when purchasing this item. 

The batteries at Sam’s Club usually have an extended warranty as well, with a three-year replacement for car batteries. If your car battery dies before the warranty expires, they will replace it for free. 

Are There Disadvantages to Buying A Battery At Sam’s Club? 

The only downfall of making this purchase through Sam’s Club is that you will need to be a member of Sam’s Club to shop there. Even if a battery is the only item you want to buy from a Sam’s Club location, you need a membership card to shop at the physical location. 

The only way to get around this is to have a friend or family member bring you to the store as a guest, and in that scenario, you would be allowed to purchase your battery in-store. The other way to get around Sam’s Club membership rules is to take advantage of the 90-day trial service they offer, which allows you to test out your shopping experience without committing to the cost of a full year-long membership. 

The only other disadvantage to shopping at Sam’s Club is that they only sell a limited selection of brands and typically have private-label products or agreements with certain vendors for specific product categories. This can be limiting if you need one particular brand of an item. 

What types of batteries does Sam’s Club sell?

Sam’s Club sells batteries for all your battery needs, including batteries for cars, RVs, boats, golf carts, and some select lawnmowers. Keep in mind that each Sam’s Club location may carry a slightly different selection of items, and no stores will be the same. 

If you are looking for an exact make and model of a battery, it is worth calling and being connected to the correct store department to verify they have what you are looking for before you visit the store in person. There’s a high probability if you are looking for a battery to power a large motorized device, Sam’s Club sells something that will work. 

What brand of batteries does Sam’s Club sell? 

Sam’s Club carries Duracell batteries as their main brand for most battery products. Many wholesale retailers have exclusive agreements with certain battery providers so that each specific warehouse store sells one particular brand. For the most part, many battery brands are similar, but Sam’s Club and Duracell are known for having very high-quality batteries, so you are in good hands if you purchase batteries through Sam’s Club. 

Duracell batteries are known to be able to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions as well, which adds to their durability. The best part is that, for the most part, it is usually not necessary to use one specific brand of battery unless it’s explicitly stated when you purchase your motorized vehicle or device. 

Final Thoughts on Purchasing Sam’s Club Batteries:

The extra perks to buying a battery at Sam’s Club instead of elsewhere are the discounted pricing, convenience of purchasing, and the fact they have a great warranty program for purchasing batteries. 

While you can certainly purchase this item at different places, if you are already planning to do other shopping at Sam’s Club, you can avoid making another stop to pick up the battery you need. 

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