Can You Wear Hats In Walmart – Customers Vs Employee Rules

You may not want to take off your hat when you go into a store. You may forget and not want to leave it in the cart! Before going into a Walmart, you might want to research this question: can you wear hats in Walmart?

In most cases, hats are allowed for both customers and almost all employees in Walmart. If there is a rule against wearing hats, then that is a store-specific rule generally attributed to employees.

Hats can be worn in almost any store, though that statement obviously has limitations. We’ll cover some of the hats that you can wear in Walmart and why other hats may not be allowed.

Types of Hats Or Head Coverings That Are Allowed In Walmart

There is no easy way to encapsulate all kinds of hats into one article, but the following types of hats and head coverings are common in Walmart and other stores.

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are popular with all kinds of people, from toddlers to seniors, so they are a popular sight in Walmart.

Most baseball caps are not banned in Walmart, so you can proudly tout the hat of your favorite sports team or brand.

Other Hats Like Fedoras

Other hats, like fedoras and bucket hands, can also be worn in Walmart stores.

A fancier hat like a fedora in Walmart might garner a few extra looks from other shoppers, but you won’t be asked to take any of these hats off.

Faith Based Head Coverings

Religious dress – think hijabs, niqabs that cover the face, and yarmulkes – are all allowed in Walmart stores.

These hats and head coverings have an extra layer of protection in Walmart stores because they are also religious items. 

Religious expression is protected in the United States, so store employees cannot discriminate against you and ask you to remove your hijab or niqab in the store while you are shopping. 


Beanies and other kinds of winter hats are worn all year long, and thankfully you can wear them inside Walmart too.

Many people like to wear beanies as part of their aesthetic or if they have a bad hair day and want to cover it.

As long as there is no obscene language or pictures on the beanie, beanies are one of the most inoffensive types of hats there are. You might not even notice that someone is wearing one! 


Helmets are common for people who are driving or riding as a passenger on motorcycles.

Wearing a helmet inside Walmart can undoubtedly draw the attention of other shoppers, but no rule states that you cannot wear helmets inside the store.

You may choose to wear your helmet if:

  • You are running a quick errand inside
  • You are worried that it may get stolen outside

Even though helmets are allowed inside, you might find yourself uncomfortable and sweaty while you shop!

Reasons Why You May Be Asked To Remove A Hat Or Head Covering In Walmart

Although Walmart employees will rarely ask you to remove a hat or head covering, there may be some exceptions to the rules.

It Has Offensive Language Or Pictures

Some hats, incredibly cheeky baseball caps, have obscene language that others may find offensive.

Another customer may complain to a store employee about text or images on your hat. This may lead to the employee asking you to remove your hat in extreme situations. 

It Is Drawing Too Much Attention

You see all kinds of things in Walmart, and you may be the one wearing some ridiculous hat.

You might think a yellow cap is as crazy as it can get, but I can imagine that there are some wacky hats people have worn in Walmart.

For example, I would probably leave your excessively tall costume top hat at home if you are going to cause a scene with it in Walmart.

It Is Covering Your Face For Non-Religious Reasons 

Here, I am stretching this to think of a ski mask that covers your face and head.

Store employees and other shoppers may be concerned that you are planning to rob the store when you wear something like that, especially if it is in the middle of the summer and you don’t need to keep your head warm. 

Again, if you are wearing a niqab that is not a head covering, you can be asked to remove it in Walmart.

Can Employees Wear Hats In Walmart

Employees can also wear hats at Walmart if they are not a cashier.

If you’re an employee working at Walmart and aren’t sure if you can wear a hat, I have you covered too! 

Over the past few years, Walmart has relaxed its dress code for employees and has allowed Walmart employees to wear most kinds of hats. 

This means that:

  • A sports fan can wear the baseball cap of your favorite team while they’re in the playoffs
  • A teen can continue to express herself and wear her favorite beanie
  • A young adult can keep his style at work with his fedora
  • The employee working in the freezer section can keep his ears warm
  • Any employee can wear a Walmart-branded visor or baseball cap

Unfortunately, if you’re on the register, you’ll need to leave your hat in your car or locker. While there is no apparent reason why cashiers can’t wear hats, I imagine that it is since they are the most public-facing employees.

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