Does Sam’s Club Take Care Credit

Sam’s Club has everything, including the essentials to take care of yourself, your family, and your pets. You may be curious if these purchases can be put onto a Care Credit card, but does Sam’s Club take Care Credit? 

Sam’s Club does take Care Credit for qualifying purchases at in-store locations, though they do not accept it on their website. 

Continue reading to learn more about using your Care Credit card at Sam’s Club. 

What are qualifying purchases for using a Care Credit Card? 

Care Credit can be used more than one might think at Sam’s Club. Here are the most common eligible items sold at Sam’s that your Care Credit card can be used for: 

  • Services at a pharmacy: This includes prescriptions (for both people and pets), copays, and deductibles. 
  • Over-the-counter: Regular flu and allergy meds, first aid supplies, family planning products, and wellness supplies such as vitamins and supplements are eligible to be paid for by Care Credit. 
  • Baby Needs: Diapers, toys, child furniture, and car seats are eligible. Additionally, formula, baby wipes, and hygiene products can be purchased with Care Credit. 
  • Pet Supplies: Toys, treats, flea and tick prevention, and food can be charged to a Care Credit card. 
  • Vision and Hearing: Frames, contacts, prescription eyewear (including sunglasses), as well as hearing aids and batteries, are all able to be put on Care Credit. 
  • Health and Beauty Aids: This includes personal care products like feminine hygiene products, dental care (toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrushes), and soaps. Skincare, shaving products, and sun protection creams are also included in this category. 

Other purchases, such as food, gas, entertainment, and furniture, are not eligible for a Care Credit card. Any non-member fees (10% surcharge on all items) will still be applicable even when a Care Credit card is used. 

How do I use Care Credit at Sam’s Club? 

Using a Care Credit card at Sam’s Club is simple, even when purchasing non-eligible items. Here’s how it goes:

  • Step One: After all your purchases have been checked out, first use your Care Credit card before any other payment. This is necessary to take off the qualifying purchases, and if done the other way around, you will not be able to utilize the benefits of the Care Credit. 
  • Step Two: Once all qualifying items have been charged to your Care Credit card, the remaining balance will need to be paid for using an alternative payment method. 

And that’s all there is to it. As long as you remember to use the Care Credit card first (which you must have the card present; a number is not enough), everything that is eligible to be purchased that way will be taken off your total, and the non-eligible items will remain to be paid for with another credit card or cash. 

Can I use Care Credit to pay for my Sam’s Club Membership? 

Surprisingly, yes! Care Credit can be used to sign up or renew your Sam’s Club membership. This is likely because of the ample amount of wellness and care products available, even extending to the Optical and Pharmacy departments. These renewal or membership purchases must be made in-store, as online or mobile purchases are unavailable with Care Credit. 

Promotional financing, as is commonly seen on Care Credit cards, does not apply to Sam’s Club purchases, so promotions such as 0% or deferred interest will not be applicable. This may need to be taken into account before making large purchases. 

Final Thoughts

Care Credit is a handy card that can be used for all qualifying health and wellness purchases, including those for pets! Using Care Credit at Sam’s Club locations can help individuals better plan for these types of purchases to keep themselves and their families healthy and cared for. 

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