When Does Publix Deli Close

Rumble…rumble…that’s the sound of your stomach begging for food after a long day of errands, work, and everything in between. Time has completely escaped you, and you skipped a meal, not realizing how preoccupied you’ve been with your day. It’s been hours since you ate, it’s getting late, and the only thing close and convenient to you is the local Publix market. Gosh, that sounds rather amazing to grab a sub from the deli! You are so excited to go get a sandwich, look at the clock on your dashboard in your car, and realize that Publix closes at 10:00 pm, and it’s 9:30 pm. When does the Publix deli close? Will they still prepare a sub for me this close to closing time? Let’s find out!

Publix deli is open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm, which happens to be the same as the rest of the store’s operating hours. All Publix markets seem to have the same hours, no matter your location. As long as it isn’t a holiday or other special days that would alter normal functioning store hours, you can rely on the deli being open when the store is. 

Now that we know Publix deli’s hours of operation, there has to be some fine print, right? Seems like many supermarkets will close down different departments’ operations when it gets close to closing time. Many busy people don’t always arrive at our deli destination at standard feasting hours to pick up food. Let’s look deeper to ensure we can fulfill our deli feasting needs!

How late can I order from the deli at Publix?

Generally, Publix has their dedicated deli staff start preparing their section of the market to close at 9:30 pm every day. This gives them time to clean the deli areas ensuring people like you, and I receive quality food items and services.

A lot of work goes into making custom sub orders and beautiful food trays all day; it’s only right to give them time to prepare for the next day’s operations. You can walk up and make customer orders until that 9:30 pm mark, but after that, you’ll have to search for other food items.

What deli options are available after 9:30 pm?

Thankfully Publix has everything in order at their deli to help satisfy your sandwich needs at any time during their operating hours. Whether the line is too long for a custom order or you arrive, and the deli is closed for cleaning, Publix has the deli artists prepare delicious prepackaged subs in their refrigeration case for easy pickup.

They have their most popular subs prepared to the standard menu for you to grab. They also have deli salads, trays, and a lot of other easy-to-grab options as well. This is such a great service they offer! 

Can you order from the deli online?

Most of us are so busy all the time that waiting in line to order a sandwich just doesn’t fit into our daily schedule. With most of us having mini computers at our fingertips, online ordering has made it a staple in our world as one of the most convenient ways to order a meal.

Publix does have a great online ordering system for its deli. It’s very user-friendly, with clear options to select from and bold and descriptive pictures. You can order anything from subs, party trays (they require 24 hours to prepare food for large party orders), salads, and great finger foods.

If ordering items from online platforms is not your preferred method, Publix will take custom sub orders over the phone. Call your local Publix store and follow the automated prompts to reach the deli, and their friendly staff will be happy to take your order.

How late can I order from the deli?

Since Publix deli starts cleaning their area at 9:30 pm, this is also when they also stop taking online orders for subs and other foods. Publix will accept online orders after 9:30 pm, but it will automatically place your order to be picked up the following day. If you do order a delicious sandwich from the online system before 9:30 pm, you can still pick it up from the staff until closing at 10:00 pm. 

Will Publix deliver deli items to me?

Publix will deliver deli items to you. This is a service that is offered through Instacart and Publix together. If you are interested in having your sub delivered, keep in mind that sometimes their delivery times can take a couple of hours depending on many things, such as how many other orders have been placed ahead of yours or how staffed they are with Instacart shoppers and delivery drivers for that day.

If you plan ahead of time, however, this is a great service for when pickup is not an option. 

I have met many people who gush over Publix’s deli subs. I mean, can you blame them? They are DELICIOUS! It’s not only because they are good but because Publix is so awesome at making their subs convenient to order and pick up. Come to think of it; I am completely craving their Italian Sub now! We hope this Publix deli information helps you beat the belly rumbles next time!

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