Why Won’t Target Hire Me – Reason To Consider

Working at a retailer such as Target can be a rewarding and fulfilling employment opportunity, especially if you love Target stores. It can be frustrating when you feel like you are a great fit for a particular job but are struggling to get hired by the company.

Reasons You May Not Have Been Hired

If you have applied to work at Target in the past and received a rejection letter, or plan to apply in the future, keep reading to be aware of roadblocks that might prevent you from getting hired. 

Your Local Target Currently Has No Job Openings

If you submit your resume to your local Target location and never hear from them about getting an interview set up, it might be that your local Target currently does not have any jobs open or is not hiring. 

For the most part, big retailers like Target always need new employees, but during certain times of the year or slower months, they may not need as much support.

If you believe that this was the reason you did not hear back from your Target, keep checking back with the store to see when they will start opening new positions, as you can always submit your application again during a time when you know they are actively in need of new workers. 

Your Resume Needs Improvement 

Although working at Target does not necessarily require the same kind of resume as working in a corporate business role, it is still imperative to have a resume with relevant information to get hired. 

Resumes are the main way an employee can learn more about your background and previous work experience, and they offer an opportunity for you to shine as you demonstrate your skill set. While you may not have a ton of past work experience to include on a resume, you can list any volunteer opportunities, clubs, or organizations you have been a part of. 

Having someone you trust proofread your resume is always a good idea. Not only can they help make recommendations if you should add something to the resume, but they can double check there are no typos or grammatical errors. 

Struggling to Answer Interview Questions 

You may also receive a job rejection letter from Target if your in-person interview does not go well. Spend some time before the interview searching on job board websites, for example, interview questions and tips from others who have previously worked at Target. 

Most of the time, companies will repeatedly ask the candidates the same questions, so you will familiarize yourself with standard interview questions and know what to expect.

There’s not necessarily one right answer, but there are answers to some questions that may get you disqualified from the job process if you indicate you may be hard to work with or cannot be a good team player. 

You Don’t Fit The Job Criteria 

Another reason that you may not get hired by Target is that you are missing one or a few of the necessary job requirements to get hired at Target. The job requirements are always listed on the formal job application, so spend some time reading through those before submitting your application to see if you meet the requirements. 

Some of the requirements you typically have to meet for a retail role include being a certain age, walking and lifting a certain weight, and speaking a specific language. 

You Failed A Background Check

Target is a company that conducts a standardized background check on all employees before their start date. While it is never anything personal, if your background check turns up information about prior arrests or other past experiences, Target will likely be unable to move you forward with the hiring process, as this is against the protocol. 

Scheduling Conflicts 

During an initial interview, the interviewer will ask you to provide your working availability to gauge how many hours you can work during the week and what types of shifts you are available to work. To get hired at Target, you may need to be available to work a specific amount of total hours each week, and if you aren’t available for that level of commitment, it could result in you not getting a job there. 

Another scheduling conflict that could prevent you from getting hired at Target is not being available when they need shift workers.

For example, you might say you can only work weeknights, but your Target location is looking to hire someone to work on Saturdays and Sundays. Having a more flexible schedule or offering to work various days and shifts is a good way to maximize your chances of getting hired. 

Tips For Getting Hired at Target/ Best Practices 

If you are determined to get hired at Target, there are ways to get ahead and show the store that you are serious about getting this job. 

Dress Professionally For Your Interview

Showing up in a professional outfit for an interview is a strong nonverbal signal that you are serious and committed to the interview opportunity. It helps the interviewer confirm that you would show up looking professional and take your role seriously. 

Show Your Interest In the Brand

It always helps to mention during an interview if you are organically interested in a brand. Demonstrating knowledge about what kind of products a store sells or how the company is organized is another great way to stand out from the competition during an interview. 

Even if you aren’t super familiar with Target before interviewing for a job, do a little bit of background research on Target before your interview. Having background knowledge of a company shows your interest and will impress an interviewer. 

Bring Up Relevant Prior Experience 

Suppose you have worked in retail at a previous company or have experience with a skillset you will use for this job. In that case, mentioning this during your interview or on your formal application is super important. This will give you a significant advantage over the other candidates if you can demonstrate you will be able to transition into this role seamlessly. 

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