Does UPS Need My Gate Code

UPS is probably one of the most favored delivery services available today. However, living in a gated community, or having a gate before your driveway, can be a hassle when granting access to the UPS driver whenever you have something arriving. Is there something that you can do to help the driver successfully make the delivery?

UPS’ ability to access a gate depends on where your gate is located. A UPS driver can be given the gate code by property management or give them a gate code and other instructions to your UPS profile. If the gate is for a single property, it can be left unlocked.

This is one of those cases where customers need to help the driver to deliver their packages. Plus, this creates an opportunity to get to know your driver, which is a valuable relationship to nurture since we depend on deliveries often. In many areas, the same driver will consistently make deliveries to a specific neighborhood as part of their daily route.

Why UPS Has Trouble with Gated Properties

UPS tries to accommodate all its clients within its delivery routes; however, sometimes, when there are gates, it presents an obvious access issue. Gates present an obstacle for drivers, as they can vary by property type: like single-family homes, apartments, townhomes, and more. And what makes it challenging is that each property requires a different way to access the gate.

Assume that the driver cannot access the property because of a locked gate. Unfortunately, in those cases, drivers are obligated to get packages over the fence, which can break fragile items or make the delivery incomplete.

Gated Communities are Not Normally an Issue

If you live in a gated community, whether an apartment complex or neighborhood, the UPS driver will typically be there almost every day to make deliveries to multiple properties. Property management companies issue a gate number for the driver in cases like this.

If your complex has someone working the gate, they will usually just let the driver in. So, you live in a gated community; nothing else is needed for you to do to receive your packages.

Although not as common as in the past, when a UPS driver needs access to a particular drop box within a gated community, property management will grant them a set of keys. The set of keys allows drivers to drop off the items and provide the key in the person’s physical mailbox. Property management teams and UPS drivers ensure that keys are picked up and returned before they leave the premises.

Gates to Individual Properties Can Give Gate Codes

The more problematic properties to deliver to are individually owned and have a gate blocking their driveway and access to their front door. While this is a safety thing for the property resident, they must provide access to their delivery drivers. Property owners can give their UPS drivers the code to the gates, which the diver would use to access their property and drop off packages.

If the gate is inaccessible, the driver usually leaves a note indicating why the package was not delivered. Then, they will generally attempt a couple more deliveries of the same package. If they cannot complete the delivery after those attempts, they will ask the customer to go to the local UPS store to pick it up. UPS clears this up in their Terms and Conditions for their Ground Services.

Drivers can receive codes directly from owners, but most recommend creating a profile on the UPS website to make their information available and secure.

Gates to Individual Properties Can be Left Unlocked

Leaving a gate unlocked may leave some property residents feeling uneasy. But, if you cannot give a code to your UPS driver—or if the gate is locked with a physical key—the next best option is to leave your gate unlocked when expecting a package.

If you are familiar with your UPS driver, you may be able to give them a key to your gate, which will ease any problems with access to the front door. Plus, if the driver can secure the gate before they leave, it will keep packages safe and secure.

Build a Secure Dropbox

According to Reddit, some users state that they built and gave access to a lockbox outside their gate. This way, they can keep the gate to the property locked while still helping the drivers complete their delivery. The delivery driver would receive a copy of the key for a physical lock or a code for the box. The secure drop box will keep packages secure and locked away until the property owner accesses them.

Create a UPS Profile

UPS created a website for its customers to sign up and create a profile. This profile is free for all users and is quick to complete. Users can see all the details of their packages and where they are, receive the information periodically via text message or email, and change the delivery date or location if the delivery requires a signature. Plus, customers can view estimated delivery times and advise drivers where to leave their packages.

The best part is that all of this can be seen on one screen and does not require tracking or order numbers. If your name and address match, all the upcoming deliveries will appear on the tracker, becoming a hub of information.

Creating the UPS profile is also recommended by Google in their Help Center. This is an effective way to make it easier for everyone to ensure your package gets to you.

Ready to Receive Your Next Package?

Waiting for a package to come in can be exciting but also disheartening when your UPS driver cannot complete the delivery because of a lack of access to your gate. Fortunately, some steps can be taken to prevent this by giving the driver the gate code through the UPS website or leaving the gate unlocked.

For those living in gated communities, there is usually no issue when it comes to UPS receiving access to the gate since they usually include the neighborhood in their rounds.

Creating an account on your UPS profile works best so that all the gate information and delivery instruction can be securely provided to your driver.

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