Does Winn Dixie Scan ID’s

Scanning IDs is a practice many grocery stores have adopted in recent years. It is meant to regulate who is purchasing products that might be illegal for people of a certain age to buy. For example, many grocery stores carry alcohol. Your ID will be scanned to verify that you can legally purchase the alcohol. 

Some stores will still have the cashier check your ID manually. They will check to make sure it seems like a real ID, and they will check your birth date to ensure that you are old enough to purchase whatever requires verification of your ID.

Winn Dixie has a system to scan IDs. It is possible for someone to check an ID and not wholly process the birthdate or miss any markers that might indicate that it is a fake ID. the scanning system scans the barcode on the back of the ID to tell the cashier whether or not it is valid. This eliminates the risk of human error when it comes to checking IDs. 

When do they Scan IDs?

ID verification is required for several reasons in grocery stores. At Winn Dixie, you will need to present your ID if you purchase alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or any product with an age limit.

Some obscure items you might not think about include superglues and spray paints. If you check out with one of these products, your cashier will ask you to scan your ID. You have to be 18 years of age to purchase these items.

When a cashier at Winn Dixie asks you to see your ID, they will scan it. Their system requires them, too, before they can move on. If they scan an item requiring ID verification, their POS system will ask them to scan it. It is not generally something they can get around.

This system is designed to keep citizens safe. It is to prevent minors from purchasing harmful products. The legal age for tobacco and alcohol use is set by federal law. The scanning system at Winn Dixie streamlines the process and makes it far more difficult for someone to purchase products they shouldn’t.

Is it Legal To Scan IDs?

You might be questioning whether or not it is legal for someone to scan your ID. The short answer is yes, the scanning of IDs is legal. Some states require that you tell the individual that their ID is about to be scanned, but that is the extent of the law.

The barcode on the back of your ID contains all the information written on the front of your driver’s license. Some places might scan it to get your name. Winn Dixie is scanning your ID to verify your birthdate. 

When a store associate scans the barcode on your ID’s back, it tells the system that you are old enough to purchase your products. If the system verifies your age and it is legal for you to make your purchase, it will allow the cashier to continue.

If an associate asks you to scan your ID, you should allow them. It is not something they can avoid, and it would be easier on everyone involved if you compiled and presented your ID when asked.

What Type of IDs Can Be Scanned?

Most people will present a driver’s license when asked for ID verification. This is an excellent option and will work every time. If you do not have your driver’s license with you, then any government-issued ID will work. 

There are a few forms of government-issued IDs that cannot be scanned—for example, your passport. You can present a passport card, a state ID, or any other scannable form of identification. You can legally present your passport if you do not have your scannable ID. This will require the associate to ask for assistance from a manager.

The Importance of Scanning IDs

Scanning your ID to verify your age might not seem an essential part of the verification process, but it is. Having a system scan your ID to grab your date of birth is far more effective than expecting your associate to find it on the front of your ID.

Human error could affect the verification process. If an associate is checking IDs for verification, it is possible that they would misread the ID, look too quickly, or forget to check altogether. These might not be common occurrences, but it is illegal to sell certain products to people under 18 or 21. 

If a system is checking, then there is no margin for error. If an associate scans a bottle of wine and the system prevents them from continuing until an ID is scanned, they have no choice but to ask for ID verification. 

The law is designed to protect people from products that could be harmful. Winn Dixie scans IDs to better monitor who is purchasing those products. This is important because it will keep individuals who are underage safe.

Final Thoughts

Winn Dixie has a system that requires their associates to scan IDs if a customer is attempting to purchase a product with an age requirement. Suppose someone is buying alcohol, tobacco, spray paint, or anything else that requires a person of a certain age to purchase. In that case, the system will alert the associate to scan that individual’s ID.

This ensures that the customer is of legal age to purchase that product. This scanning system is in place to eliminate any margin for error that would be present if the associate were responsible for checking IDs.

It might seem inconvenient, especially if you are well past the legal age to purchase your product. Still, it is an automated system that the associate cannot control. If you are asked to present your ID to be scanned, you should comply and allow the associate to follow the proper policy for ID verification.

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