Is Winn Dixie Meat Better Than Publix – Here’s A Comparison

We live in a time with ample choices for our grocery needs. Usually, there are 4-5 grocery stores within a few miles of each other in most cities, so it can be challenging to decide what store is best. For more expensive items like meat, you want to ensure your dollar is going as far as it can for quality and quantity. So you might wonder, Is Winn Dixie meat better than Publix? 

Both grocery chains will have comparable cuts, portions, and prices, though Winn Dixie is found to be the more affordable option without having to compromise on quality. Publix offered a larger variety of meat cuts and also offers the Greenwise label of high quality meats.

Continue reading to learn more about meat options at both stores. 

How does Winn Dixie compare to Publix? 

Winn Dixie and Publix are two similar but different shopping experiences. Ultimately, you should be able to check off your shopping list entirely at both stores though there may be a preference for one depending on what products you prefer.

  • Meat: For meats, Winn Dixie is a bit cheaper than Publix for the same cuts and portions of meat. If you’re one to purchase a lot of meat, then shopping at Winn Dixie will likely save you a bit of money, but it may not be worth the special trip if you primarily shop at other stores and don’t consume much meat. Winn Dixie carries Certified Angus Beef and USDA Prime Beef, which is the highest quality meat. Publix carries their organic “Greenwise” brand of USDA Prime beef, though this comes with an increase in the price tag too. Keep in mind that not every Winn Dixie will carry Prime beef. 
  • Quality: In most categories, Winn Dixie is cheaper than Publix. There have been fewer FDA recalls for products sold at Winn Dixie than Publix, with five recorded recalls for Publix brands and zero for Winn Dixie in 2022. 
  • Availability: The downside is that Winn Dixie stores are few and far between, with about 515 stores spread across the southern US compared to 1,316 Publix stores. Publix, a Florida-based company, is found upwards through Virginia and Tennessee, whereas Winn Dixies are found from Florida to Mississippi. This may mean you’d have to travel farther away to reach a Winn Dixie, and depending on how many are around you and how far you’d have to drive, there’s a point of diminishing returns to save a few dollars on your grocery bill.

Overall, Winn Dixie versus Publix boils down to personal preference and the availability of stores near you. 

How to Choose Good Meat at the Grocery Store

You should always inspect your meat regardless of where you shop to ensure you’re picking out the best option available. Employees are usually on top of what’s going to the sales floor to be picked up by customers, but nothing is ever completely foolproof. Here are some tips on picking out some good meat: 


The most obvious sign of quality in red meat is the color. Avoid picking up any meats that have lost the red coloration in favor of brown. Brown coloration indicates poor storage and temperature handling, increasing the rate at which the meat spoils.

Even if browned meat is cooked to the proper temperature, it can still harbor bacteria that make you sick. If the color of the meat makes you look twice, avoid it entirely and choose the redder option. Pork should have a pinkish hue, so if you see some pale-looking pork on the shelf, continue looking for a better specimen. 

For chicken, it’s more difficult to determine whether the meat has been out of temp based on the color alone, so other indicators are needed to make the decision. Excessive amounts of liquid pooling at the bottom of the container are signs that the meat has been improperly stored. Look for packages with minimal liquid. 


One of the easiest ways to guarantee your meat is good is that it’s within the “best by” date labeled on the package. Again, not necessarily a foolproof method, but using the date along with other visual indicators can keep you from buying bad meat. 


No scent is a good scent when shopping for raw meat. Fish may have a bit of a fishy smell, which is normal, but any overwhelmingly offensive odors are sure signs the meat has gone bad. No odor should be detectable through packaging for poultry, pork, or beef. 

Final thoughts

If you have the option between the two, you might find Winn Dixie to have the more affordable options at a better or similar quality to Publix, from meat to dairy to shelf-stable items. 

Publix can come out on top in their widespread availability, and if you’re closer to a Publix than Winn Dixie by a long way, the time spent commuting to the store likely will outweigh the few dollars saved by shopping at Winn Dixie. 

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