When Does Walmart Pay – Here’s What To Expect!

Are you starting a new job? Do you know when you will receive your first paycheck? This is a common question when employees start a new job. As a result, many companies have established a set pay schedule ready for their employees to keep things straightforward and minimize questions. But let’s say that you are a Walmart employee. If you worked for Walmart, when could you expect to be paid?

Walmart pays its employees on a two-week basis each Thursday.

Thursdays are a fixed payday for Walmart corporate and in-store workers. Employees can expect payment to arrive via direct deposit in their bank account by providing account and routing information to the Human Resources Department upon starting their position.

Walmart has made it easy for their employees to receive pay by giving them a few options that allow flexibility for everyday needs, which will be discussed later.

It’s payday

Once it is payday, there are a couple of places to receive a deposit. One starts typically with their bank account, but Walmart created a hub for all its employees to go when they receive their paychecks. This hub is called OneWalmart.

On this website, employees can visit to see their pay stubs, insurance, and company benefits and access the portal of all available discounts. In addition, OneWalmart is available for all tiers of employment. So whether employees work in corporate headquarters or in-store, they need to access the same site to see their benefits and pay stubs.

Suppose there are any discrepancies identified on a pay stub. In that case, the employee can use this portal to access a chat feature or can contact the Payroll Department directly to address their concerns.

This portal is pretty much considered to be an all-in-house feature that is not limited to downloading paystubs. This section is dedicated to showing all benefits offered to the employee as per their contract of employment.

Exceed by Money Network

Made just for Walmart employees, the FDIC insured Exceed card by Money Network is optional for employees to set up access to their paychecks.

This card provides online tools for better money management by utilizing a website and mobile app, personal checks, and a debit card to easily withdraw cash when needed. In addition, exceed allows account holders to quickly transfer money to other banks through their online portal or mobile app.

It is great because there are no annual fees, and it functions like any regular debit card. Money can be withdrawn from this account via any ATM with a small transaction fee. This card is unique in that it functions with different tools for users with various levels of money management education.

This service includes both a Mastercard debit card and personal checks. Mastercard is accepted practically everywhere, making it easy to use in almost all retailers. They have also created a cashback system so that when certain purchases are made, they can see some money returned to their account.

Additionally, the account holder can order a second card for another family member so that they can transfer money. A second card is an excellent option for children or teenagers learning money management. This secondary card also comes at no additional cost.

Another unique and exciting feature is called the Piggy Bank. Like most people used when they were children, it is to help save for a particular event or future vacation. The Exceed card allows users to set up three Piggy Banks anytime to maximize their savings goals.

This card is a great, long-term option that does not expire in the event of termination or separation of employment. Additionally, suppose a former employee (or current employee) needs to make a cash deposit at any point to their accounts. The account holder can go to any Walmart or Sam’s Club to deposit at no additional charge.

Walmart Associate Discount Card

One of the benefits of employment that Walmart workers can see after 90 days is access to an Associate Discount Card. This card allows the employee to receive a 10% off general merchandise in all stores. Additionally, the discount card applies to all employees—full-time or part-time—and their legal spouses or domestic partners.

Discounts can be found throughout the store but will not cover clearance items, items on sale, most grocery items that are not fresh produce, eye exams, gas purchases, and a couple more. Additionally, gift cards cannot be purchased with a discount card.

Walmart offers its employee a slew of benefits apart from instore discounts:

  • 6% 401(k) company match for all workers after one year of employment
    • Option of selecting a Roth IRA over a traditional account. These retirement account options are excellent for younger workers who are projected to make more money later in their careers.
  • Employee Walmart stock purchases with a company-paid match
    • Walmart pays a quarterly stock dividend to shareholders (.56 per share, currently)
  • Early paycheck access for emergencies
  • Discounts on travel, cell service, and other entertainment goods and services.

On their website, additional benefits include healthcare, PTO, and other unlisted company benefits.

But what if you quit, or they let you go?

In the event of separation from the company, Walmart created the Walmart Alumni Information page for former employees to access the information they may still need now that they have transitioned to another employer. The additional information covers past paystubs, insurance details, and COBRA information if the former employee wants to purchase it.

Walmart offers an online chat feature that is used to address specific questions. A former employee is more than welcome to call the Payroll Department if they cannot resolve their questions through the chat portal.

One more thing to know

When employees begin working, they will start generating income immediately at orientation (which counts as an 8-hour workday) and receive their first paycheck three weeks later. Each year all employees can expect a 2% pay raise and paid holidays if they are full-time workers. Unfortunately, part-time workers do not receive holiday-based pay.

Walmart is a great employer for which they offer a competitive benefits package for their workers. Open positions vary from in-store cashiers to corporate workers. There is a position available to fit any skill set. Interested? Check out Walmart.com Careers to learn more.

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