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If you’re looking for a career change, you may have considered UPS. If driving a brown van and delivering excellent customer service has always been a dream of yours, UPS could be right up your alley. If you’re considering a job with UPS, you likely have a few questions, such as when do UPS workers get paid?

UPS pays their workers weekly, typically by direct deposit on a Thursday. A brand-new UPS employee will get a first paycheck on their second Thursday. After this, the payments will be weekly. 

Keep reading to learn more about how much UPS pays, the work schedule, and the types of entry-level jobs available.

When Will UPS Pay Me?

If you get a job with UPS, they will pay you the second Thursday or the second full week of employment. UPS pays via direct deposit, though it can take a couple of weeks for direct deposit to kick in. Until this happens, you may be mailed a paper check to your listed residence. 

After your direct deposit information has been processed and entered at a corporate level, your wages will be directly deposited into your checking account weekly. 

Alternatively, a paper check may have been sent to your physical work location. Ask management or Human Resources at your UPS work site if you have any questions about the location of your paper check or direct deposit status. 

How Much Will I Make?

A UPS worker’s starting rate depends on prior work experience and the type of job you take on. A minimum starting rate for UPS will be $10 per hour, with $14 per hour as an average entry-level starting rate. 

An employee who has been with UPS for at least two years and works well can expect to earn anywhere from $15 to $20 per hour. $20-40 per hour can be expected as a very experienced, long-term employee who has performed well. 

Your paycheck will also be influenced by how many hours you put in and how much overtime you acquire. UPS also allows for unionization, and union members typically qualify for higher pay and other benefits such as insurance and a pension. 

What Kind of Entry-Level Jobs Exist?

Entry-level jobs at UPS are a great way to get your foot in the door with a well-respected company with high standards. The most popular entry-level jobs at UPS are “Package Handler,” “Loader,” and “Delivery Helper.” 

Package Handlers and Loaders work at UPS processing facilities to carefully handle, sort, and load up packages in-house and within UPS delivery trucks. These are intensive, high-energy jobs that require a bit of muscle and may demand long hours, especially during Christmas or other high-traffic seasons. 

Shift starting times for these warehouse positions vary from very early in the morning (3 am) to late at night (10 pm), and entry-level jobs are often part-time at 4-5 hours per shift. 

“Driver Helpers” accompany a Delivery Driver as they deliver packages in town. This position involves many getting in and out of the truck, carefully handling packages, and interacting with package recipients at their homes. It is typically a seasonal (temporary) position but can lead to a full-time career for the motivated and customer-focused. 

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