Will UPS Give Me A Delivery Window

One of the best feelings is knowing that a package has been delivered to your doorstep. It’s important to know when to expect an upcoming delivery.

That’s why UPS gives customers an estimated delivery time window. 

This is not the only tool that UPS provides its customers. Keep reading for more information on how to utilize UPS delivery services fully. 

Tracking Information 

There are a couple of ways to track your package’s status. UPS provides tracking numbers for all parcels on the bottom of your receipt. The best way to track a package is on the UPS tracking portal.

Here, you can log in or track your package as a guest. You will need the 25-digit tracking code on your receipt to track a package. UPS provides a tracking status based on the package’s place in the processing network. 

Understanding Tracking Statuses

A delivery time window is not the only information UPS will provide its customers. You should know a couple of tracking statuses when you ship a package through UPS. 

  • Label Created – UPS has received your parcel and created a label. It’s ready to be shipped. 
  • Shipped/On the Way – UPS has a scheduled delivery date based on the destination. Many long-distance parcels may stay in this status until it’s out for final delivery. This status confirms that your package is going through the UPS network. 
  • Out for Delivery – When a package is out for delivery, the local UPS facility has received the shipment. Shipments out for delivery usually get delivered between 9 AM and 7 PM, depending on the driver’s route. 
  • Delivered – The package has been delivered to its final destination. Some packages will require a signature, and some will not. If no signature is required, the delivery driver will leave your package in a safe area and record the delivery’s timestamp. 

This is the basic process for the UPS network. Notifications regarding your package’s status can be sent to you directly, or you can look up your package’s status online. 

Delivery Time Notifications 

UPS offers different methods of delivery time notifications. Use the UPS tracking portal to track your package first, and on the tracking status page, you can choose between email and text notifications. 

  • Shipped – You will receive a notification when UPS receives shipment information 
  • Day Before Delivery – You’ll receive a notification between 6 AM and 11 PM the day before your package ships. 
  • Delivery Schedule Updates – UPS will send an update if your original delivery time or date changes. 
  • Delivery Confirmation – A notification will be sent when the package is delivered. 

You have the option to choose from one or all of these notifications. Receiving notifications is the best way to stay informed about your package’s whereabouts. 

UPS Premium Membership 

If you utilize UPS often and require delivery time windows to be concise, consider becoming a UPS premium member. Here are some of the perks of becoming a member compared to the basic service. 

Features Included for every UPS Shipment

  • Delivery Updates
  • Package Tracking Visibility 
  • Estimated Delivery Time
  • Authorized Release of Packages 

Features Included with Membership $19.99/year

  • Delivery on Another Day 
  • Deliver Packages to Another Address
  • Deliver to a UPS Access Point
  • Confirmed Delivery Windows

If you want a confirmed delivery window from UPS but don’t have a UPS My Choice Premium membership, you can upgrade for $14.99. 


There are many tools that UPS provide its customers for accurate package tracking. Now that you know that UPS gives customers delivery window times consider using the UPS tracking portal for an estimated delivery window. If you need a more concise UPS delivery window, consider upgrading to a UPS My Choice Premium account or upgrading your purchase to confirmed delivery windows. 

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