What Does End Of Day Mean For FedEx

You see an intriguing ad, click the link and discover the product that is going to change your life. You grab your credit card, place your order, and cannot wait until it comes. You are about to start living younger/healthier/prettier days. Finally, the email comes in that says it shipped! You click the tracking number and dream of the day in the near future when your new and improved life will begin. The anticipation grows by the day until the predicted arrival date is here! However, the tracking link says that FedEx will deliver by the “end of the day.” What does that mean? What time will your life-changing package arrive?

FedEx Ground delivers to commercial addresses by 5 pm. However, delivery to residential addresses ends at 8 pm. If your tracking information says “end of the day,” you can expect it there by 8 pm local time. 

When you place an online order, you usually don’t get to choose which carrier will deliver your precious cargo. Let’s examine the most popular delivery services and their cut-off times and how late they could deliver to your doorstep. We will also discuss what to do if your package is late or gets lost.

United States Postal Service (USPS)

The Postal Service says that delivery’s official end of the day is 5 pm. However, a postal worker’s day is only done once the mail has been delivered, and many times, especially during the holiday season, your mail can arrive late at night. USPS delivers only Priority Mail and Amazon packages on Sundays. And as the famous adage says, they deliver in the sun, rain, snow, and sleet.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

UPS generally delivers to residences by 7 pm and by close of business (5 pm) to commercial addresses. The UPS website mentions that your package could arrive later than 7 pm at a residential address, but the end of the day is still 7 pm. Conditions like traffic and weather can impact the times of delivery. 

Dalsey, Hillblom & Lynn (DHL)

The “end of day” official time for DHL deliveries is 6 pm local time. That means your package can be delivered by 6 pm. However, the end time for the DHL working day is 6 pm, and their goal is always to be “on time.”


“End of the day” means something a little different for Amazon. Most packages are delivered between 8 am and 8 pm; however, packages may be delivered as late as 10 pm. Any delivery that requires a signature will be delivered by 8 pm. While Amazon has grown significantly and has its own delivery service, packages ordered through Amazon could also be delivered by any of the other carriers. 

What Can You Do If Your Package Is Late?

If your package has yet to arrive by the end of day time specified by the carrier, you can contact the seller for the shipping information. You can ask the seller to track the package if they still need to provide you with a tracking number. Additionally, some delivery services, like USPS Priority Mail, are guaranteed, and if delivered after the specified date and time, you can request a refund.

What Can You Do If Your Package Is Lost?

Unless you suspect the package was stolen from your front door, it is most likely that either the seller or shipper is to blame for the lost package. If the shipping company shows a delivery date and time, but you have yet to receive the package, you must contact the seller for a refund. However, if there is a delivery date or time and the carrier shows that the package is lost, you can request a refund directly from the shipping company.


“End of Day” can mean a different time depending on which carrier delivers your important package. While each service has an end of day time, all have stated that your package may be delivered after that time if circumstances that delay the delivery take place.

Delivery times can be impacted by poor weather conditions, traffic, and the very busy holiday time of year. Since their reputation rides on how often they deliver on time, you can expect that your package will arrive by the end of day time goal or very near to that hour. If you experience any delays or suspect your package is lost, contact the seller and the shipping company to determine if you are eligible for a refund.

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