Why Does DHL Need My Passport

If you are shipping mail internationally with DHL, you might wonder if customs will ask for your passport. DHL Express offers the management of a smooth customs experience for your shipment. For urgent and time-sensitive deliveries, you can opt for one of DHL’s shipping services, including DHL Express or Express Worldwide, to assist your package for next-day delivery. Will DHL ask for your passport or identification before shipping your item internationally?

No, DHL does not need your passport unless you are on a blacklist. DHL respects local and international rules and laws to implement global security.

DHL is known for its international shipping services, but the logistics company also ships domestically. Keep reading if you are curious about how to sign up online to ship something right from your front door with DHL and if DHL asks for identification.

What is a blacklist?

Many reasons a shipper or receiver of DHL may be put on a blacklist. DHL Express deems certain people as denied parties. These individuals are denied shipping privileges, including receiving packages, because they are involved in illegal activities.

Since every shipment through DHL Express globally is screened, DHL ensures they do not carry or deliver any item from a denied party person.

Does my package go through customs?

Yes, all packages and mail shipped internationally go through customs.

Customs is an agency administering and collecting the duties imposed by a government on imported goods. For shipped items, customs reviews packages and all international mail to ensure the contents meet the country’s policies.

If customs open your packages, the answer is that they do not always open the boxes. Customs will send your package through a scanning machine to verify what you said you are shipping is in the box. If there is a discrepancy or they perform a random check, your package will be opened.

Your package might get stuck in customs if you need documentation. When you ship items internationally, the goods you are claiming to ship are associated with a code. This code will enable customs authority to enforce the rules of its country for importing or exporting goods. Your package might be held if this code is restricted in that country.

Another reason your package may be held at customs is if the receiver’s full name is not listed. One may write initials or “B. Jones” instead of “Brian Jones.” For this reason, DHL or customs may hold your package until more information is available for them to complete the screening process.

Does DHL ask for my passport?

DHL does not ask for your passport information unless you, as the shipper or receiver, are found to be blacklisted. In that case, DHL will contact you for your passport information before continuing with your shipment.

When you create an account on DHL to begin the shipment of your item, DHL does not ask for identification from you. You do not need to provide a driver’s license, a social security number, or passport information. All you need is an email address.

The only time DHL will ask you for your passport information is if there is a problem with your shipment at the level of customs into another country and there is a suspicion you are blacklisted.

Ask For Help From DHL

You do not want to give your passport information to someone you do not know. Sometimes a shipper will contact you asking for your passport information to help your package move out of customs.

If a shipper notifies you that your package was returned to them after passing through customs and they need your passport information, you should contact DHL customer service first. They will be able to tell you where your package has been, where it got held up, and if you are blacklisted or not.

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