Can Walmart Hold Items

When hunting for a particular item, it could be amazing to hear that Walmart has what you are looking for. You may want to ask the person you’re speaking with to hold the item, but first, ask: Can Walmart hold items?

Walmart does not have a system for holding items that have not been purchased, but an associate may hold an item for you for a short time. 

There is no guarantee that Walmart will not accept an item that you haven’t purchased yet, but there is a chance that an employee will put the product on the side for you. Stick around as I cover this and some things you can do if the store doesn’t want to hold your item.

Will Walmart Hold An Item If I Call Ahead

Walmart is not obligated to hold an item if you call ahead for it.

Let’s picture this: You’ve been calling stores around your area to ask if they have a specific product. You rejoice when you finally find a store that is carrying your item! 

The associate says they can hold the item for you, even though the last store said they could not. 

There is no set rule as to whether or not a store employee will hold an item for you. 

An employee may hold an item for you if:

  • You are kind to them
  • They are in a good mood
  • They’re focused on customer service
  • You sound like you will pick up the item

Unfortunately, you may also hear the employee tell you they can’t hold an item that isn’t paid for. They may or may not provide a reason, but that can be frustrating to hear too!

What To Do If Walmart Won’t Hold Your Item

Don’t feel like you’ve hit a brick wall if a Walmart employee won’t hold items for you. Here are a few things you can do.

Order The Item Online

If you are upset that an employee won’t hold your item, you can order it online and have it shipped to your house. 

Products online are rarely sold out, especially at a retailer as large as Walmart.

You won’t get your product as fast as you would if you could just run in the store, but this is an option for harder-to-find items that you might need.

Order The Item For Store Pickup

An item will be held for you if you pay for it and pick it up at the store.

Nowadays, almost every store has a pick-up program, and Walmart is no different. 

Rather than wasting your time by calling the store and waiting to see if an employee can find the item, you can look online to see if the item is available.

You must purchase the item online and go to the store to pick it up. Choose the right option, and an employee will run the product out to your car for you! 

See If You Can Pay Over The Phone

People who aren’t tech-savvy may ask to pay for the item over the phone to be held for them to pick up.

I can’t guarantee that a store employee will bite on this option, but it could be an option if you talk to the right person.

Paying over the phone is a thing of the past with the rise of internet sales, but some people may benefit from this, like:

  • People who do not have internet
  • People who do not have a computer or smartphone
  • Someone who is elderly and does not know how to navigate websites

Reasons Why Walmart May Not Hold Your Item

There are a few reasons why Walmart won’t hold your items, regardless of what the store policy is

The Item Is Expensive

Most stores will not hold an expensive item. 

Stores like Walmart will lock up items with a higher price tag, so an employee will not take the product up front while they wait for you.

Having an expensive item out in the item increases the chance of it being stolen by another customer.

It Is A Popular Item

Walmart isn’t going to hold the most popular toy or video game for you.

Each year, a handful of hot ticket items are nearly impossible to find in any store.

If you know when a stock restocks items like this, you’ll need to ensure you are there in person. A store isn’t holding a popular item for you because these items are unlikely to sell quickly while on the sales floor. 

The Product Is On Sale

Walmart and other stores aren’t likely to hold items that are on sale.

Some stores have sales or flash sales where you would want to have the item held for you. 

The two problems with this are:

  • Stores want to have the product on the floor to sell
  • Stores will not hold an item on sale because the sale may end before you pick it up

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