When Does Walmart Start Selling Pumpkins

With the Fall season in full swing, you might be wondering when Walmart will start selling pumpkins in its stores. As you plan your fall decorations and pumpkin carving plans, knowing when to expect pumpkins in store can be helpful.

Walmart’s pumpkin stock typically arrives around late August or September. However, this date can vary by location.

There are a few factors that influence when Walmart begins selling pumpkins:

  1. Seasonal trends: The start of the fall season usually brings pumpkins to the store, so you can expect to see them coming in around September. Some locations get a headstart in August, and then the supply of pumpkins greatly increases as Halloween and Thanksgiving approach.
  2. Location-based availability: Depending on your region, pumpkins may arrive earlier or later. For example, some warmer climates might see pumpkins available sooner than colder climates.
  3. Local suppliers: Walmart sources their pumpkins from local suppliers, so the availability might depend on the area’s farmers and harvest schedule.

Locating Pumpkins in Walmart

Now that you know when Walmart starts selling pumpkins, there comes the task of actually locating them within the store. You can find them in a couple of spots, actually, but there are two main sections in the store where you’ll typically find these festive favorites:

  1. Garden Center: Depending on your local Walmart’s layout, the Garden Center is likely outdoors or near the entrance. This is where they usually display seasonal items, such as plants, flowers, and pumpkins. They usually set them up in elaborate displays with signage. If they are on sale, they’ll be sure to display that boldly.
  2. Produce Section: If you can’t find any pumpkins in the garden center, your next best bet is the produce section. This is where Walmart stocks fresh fruits and vegetables, and sometimes, they place pumpkins near the entrance of this section to catch your attention.
  3. Outisde Of The Store: I’m seeing this less and less, but some Walmarts do create pumpkin displays right outside the store.

Here are a few more tips to make your pumpkin hunt a success in Walmart:

  • Check with a store associate for information about special pumpkin shipments or displays.
  • If you prefer shopping online, you can visit the Walmart website to purchase pumpkins directly and pick them up at your local store.
  • Remember to explore the many different varieties of pumpkins available to choose the perfect one for your needs.

Types of Pumpkins Walmart Sells

At Walmart, you can expect to find a diverse selection of pumpkins suitable for all kinds of purposes. From carving, decorating, and even to planting the seeds from the ones you consume, they have options for everyone. Heres sa look at what you can expect to see from Walmart:

  1. Jumbo Pumpkins: These gigantic pumpkins range between 20-30 pounds and are perfect for making a statement in your front yard or to use as a large canvas for your intricate carving designs. You can find them at an affordable $8.88 each at Walmart.
  2. Mini Pumpkins: Ideal for decorating your home or office, mini pumpkins add a touch of festivity to any space. They’re also great for painting or as table decorations during fall gatherings.
  3. Carving Pumpkins: These medium to large-sized pumpkins have the perfect shape and size for carving jack-o’-lanterns and other Halloween designs. They usually have thicker walls, making them suitable for your creative projects.
  4. Pie Pumpkins: Also known as sugar pumpkins, these smaller and sweeter pumpkins are specifically grown for baking purposes. Use them to make delicious pumpkin pies, bread, or even pumpkin soup.

In addition to fresh pumpkins, Walmart offers various pumpkin-flavored and themed products throughout the store. From pumpkin pie filling and pumpkin spice coffee creamer to pumpkin-scented candles, you’ll find plenty of options to indulge in this popular fall flavor.

Online Shopping for Walmart Pumpkins

With the arrival of the fall season, Walmart offers a variety of options for purchasing pumpkins online.

You can find Jumbo Pumpkins, which weigh approximately 20-30 pounds, perfect for creating a statement piece for your porch or making a massive jack-o’-lantern. They also offer Mini Pumpkins in a 5-count bag for a smaller option, ideal for decorating your home or office.

Pricing and Other Considerations

Unlike some retailers, Walmart offers a flat price for their pumpkins, making it simple to budget your purchase. Although the prices per pound may not be explicitly advertised, you can estimate the cost based on the pumpkin’s weight.

Here is a breakdown of common pumpkin types and their general price range at Walmart:

  • Pie Pumpkins: These smaller pumpkins are usually priced around $3.78 each. They’re perfect for baking pies, making purees, or using them as a base for seasonal recipes.
  • Regular Pumpkins: These larger pumpkins, often used for carving or decor, are approximately $5.61 each. They’re versatile and perfect for creating eye-catching displays on your front porch or inside your home.
  • Jumbo Pumpkins: For those who want to make a statement, jumbo pumpkins can be purchased for around $8.88 each. Weighing between 20-30 pounds, they are ideal for more elaborate carving or larger-than-life decorations.

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