Why Does UPS Take Long To Deliver

UPS is one of the most popular delivery service companies in the United States. And, while UPS tends to be the favored delivery provider, there are cases where their packages take longer to arrive than expected. Even though it does not often happen, when it does, it can be frustrating to customers, as many look forward to or plan for the item’s arrival.

Ultimately, delays can only sometimes be avoided. But why do delays happen? And, as a customer, what can you do to help get your packages delivered sooner?

Packages delivered by UPS can take longer than expected if the following occurs:

  • If the package requires a customer’s signature and the customer is away from home to sign at the scheduled delivery time.
  • They cannot access your property because of a gate or other physical obstruction. The driver would have to take the package back to an access point location.
  • If the UPS driver needs keyed access from a property management company to mailboxes or package storage rooms, like in resort-style apartment buildings.
  • UPS Driver is new or has received a new route they have yet to perfect or learn.
  • The government declared natural disasters that prevent the possibility of a safe delivery.

While shipping delays happen, more often than not, UPS tends to deliver packages before their expected arrival date. However, in the unlikely event that your package is late, there are a few things to consider.

Why UPS Can Take Longer to Deliver Your Package

As mentioned before, a few reasons can cause delays in your delivery. But, one reason customers only sometimes consider is whether the delivery location is rural and where their delivery address is in relation to that. On Reddit, past customers discuss that there will likely be delays if your delivery address is located at the end of the daily route.

As customers reside at an address for longer, they tend to learn when their UPS driver will be at their location. Understanding their driver’s expected arrival time helps customers understand when they can expect their package and plan accordingly. Plus, knowing that the same person will deliver your package opens the door for an opportunity to get to know their driver.

Customers can expect UPS deliveries to occur from Monday through Saturday, with the completion of the driver’s route around 8 pm. Sometimes if the driver is new or has been assigned a new route, they may take a little longer to complete their deliveries.

New drivers can take up to six months to learn and optimize their delivery routes and implement new changes. But, once they have figured out, arrival times should become relatively consistent.

How to Track your UPS Package

Tracking your UPS package is easy by simply going to their website and plugging in the tracking number. Tracking numbers can be found with your online confirmation, in-store receipt, or after you sign in to your My Choice UPS account.

Each time a package is moved from one location to another, the parcel is scanned, and updates are posted automatically online. Customers can also call the UPS main number to receive a status update on their package via phone by calling 1 (800)-742-5877 to speak to a customer representative. There is also their online self-help page with relevant FAQs that may answer your question.

Join UPS My Choice and Create a Profile

UPS My Choice is a complimentary online membership where customers track their packages, make notes for delivery, or request that their package be delivered to a UPS Access Point. This free membership program offers a paid version with more benefits than the basic tier at $19.99 per month.

One of the best benefits of this program is that customers do not need to retain tracking numbers or old receipts. Additionally, all parcels under the customer’s name are listed on the UPS My Choice customer page for quick reference. Lastly, each package is provided with status and any updates to make delivery date expectations easier to understand.

It can be unclear sometimes whether a customer needs the additional benefits from the premium tier. However, the paid tier is available for all customers who want to purchase it. The paid tier of the membership program includes the following additional services covered by the monthly fee:

  • Complimentary rescheduling of your package to another date. Changing delivery dates work for customers who will not be home at the time and fear package theft, or even if they are on vacation and will be gone for a few days.
  • Change of delivery address to another location.
  • A customer or resident requires a change of delivery address to a UPS Access Point for events such as an inaccessible gate or a signature. This is an excellent option for those expecting high-priced packages or packages requiring signatures.
  • Update packages to UPS SurePost (an economy service for low-value shipments headed for residential properties).
  • Confirmation of the delivery window for all packaged en route. Qualified parcels receive a confirmed two-hour delivery window rather than a day-long one like standard packages. For customers who need to plan to be home at the time of delivery, this is an excellent option.

These membership extras can quickly stack up if they are added in the unlikelihood of an emergency. Digital retailers, like Google, recommend that customers create their accounts after purchasing from their e-commerce stores. While they do not promote the UPS paid membership, they encourage customers to sign up for the free version.

The Takeaway

UPS is usually on time or early with their deliveries. In addition, they provide customers with many tools and additional services to track their packages as they are en route to their final destination.

If there is a delay the next time you order a package delivered by UPS, a few options can be exercised before calling customer service. Of course, customers can always check by their assigned tracking number to see the package’s last location or use the UPS website FAQs.

UPS recommends that customers check online before anything else. In addition, UPS and online retailers recommend that their customers create an account for UPS My Choice to help with tracking and questions about their packages.

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