Why Does Walmart Keep Flagging My Order – Tips To Fix It

When you’re trying to order a few things at Walmart, it can be frustrating when you can’t complete the order. You might want to throw your phone when your order keeps getting flagged and immediately start demanding to know why does Walmart keep flagging my order?

Walmart flags your order when there is something incorrect or suspicious in your order. This can also include the unavailability of items, payment information, or a temporary glitch.

Your order is canceled or flagged for various reasons, but it doesn’t always mean that you won’t eventually be able to complete your order. Read through this article to learn why your order was flagged and what you can do when it happens.

Reasons Why Walmart Keeps Flagging Your Order

The following are some top reasons why your order is flagged on Walmart.

Your Item Is Unavailable

One of the main reasons why your order gets flagged or canceled is because your item is unavailable or sold out.

Sometimes a glitch in the system allows you to add an item to your cart that is unavailable. This can confuse your checkout cart – and you! – when you go to finish your order.

The Quantity Of Items Is Unavailable

Similarly, the quantity that you want to purchase may be unavailable.

Perhaps you are trying to order two packs of socks online. The items are identical, but you are looking for two packs. 

If only one of the packs is available, you may not be able to complete your order at checkout.

Your Credit Card Information Is Incorrect

Typing the incorrect credit card information can cause your order to get flagged, especially if you add the incorrect information multiple times.

If you’re anything like me, you think you can remember the three-digit code on your card. Most of the time, I’m wrong and need to try a few different numbers.

This can make the system flag your order as suspicious when you just don’t feel like getting up to get your card.

Your Credit Card Is Expired

An expired credit card can also be the culprit of a flagged or canceled order.

I’ve tried to use an expired credit card a few times because I did not realize that it was already expired. This often happens to me on websites with pre-loaded credit cards that I rarely update.

Credit card expiration is more of a problem in January during your after-Christmas shopping. Many credit cards expire in January each year, and you may not have gotten your new card in the mail yet because of the holidays – and no one knows what year it is in January!

Your Order Is Suspected Of Fraud

The main reason why your order is flagged is suspicions of fraud. 

This can happen when:

  • You use a credit card with a different billing address from your shipping address
  • The name on the card is different than the billing address
  • The similar activity happened on other fraudulent purchases

An automated system detects fraud, so it may have accidentally picked up on your order if this happens to you.

What To Do When Your Order Is Getting Flagged

Here are steps to take when your order gets flagged or canceled at Walmart multiple times. Online shopping is longer and more difficult, but you can clear up these issues.

Call Or Chat Online With Walmart Help Center

Chatting with the Walmart help center, either over the phone or online, can help resolve issues with your order if they persist.

I’m not sure what time of magic some online help center employees can do, but they can often resolve your problem within a few minutes.

Explain what you are trying to purchase and your issues, and a help center representative may be able to help you.

Check Inventory At Your Local Store

Ordering online to pick up in-store can be tricky when the inventory is inaccurate.

Your order may get flagged if your local store does not have the item that you are looking to purchase. The website may say it is available, but the employees at the store cannot find it. 

Checking in-store inventory online is helpful, but it is not always accurate because of human error, stealing, or misplacing items in the store.

Shop In Store

You can also shop in-store for what you need.

Shopping in-store loses the ease and convenience of shopping online, of course, but if you know that the product you are looking for is available at your store, it may be quicker and easier to run to purchase it. 

Your in-store shopping means you are also limited to whatever is in stock at that location, so you may still not be able to find the product you are looking for. 

Retry Your Information

If you are adamant that you want to purchase something online, you can try adding your information again.

Sometimes this means you will need to close your window and try again with an empty cart because of a glitch.

When you are adding your information, make sure:

  • Your billing address is correct
  • Your credit card number is correct
  • All spelling is correct

I always get tripped up on using the correct billing address. I opened some credit cards while living at home with my parents and have yet to change all of them to my new address.

Try Another Variant Of Your Product

I would also try another variant of the product you are trying to purchase before you give up. 

For instance, let’s say that you are trying to buy a shoe rack in brown color, but you can’t complete your purchase no matter what you do. A black color may be your second choice, so add that to your cart and see if you can complete your order. 

Again, system glitches sometimes mean you can’t complete your purchase if you should otherwise be able to. 

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