Why Does Walmart Lock Up Pregnancy Tests

There are several reasons why people need a pregnancy test – whether for themselves or someone else – and it can be frustrating or embarrassing to see them locked up at a store. While I know you’re annoyed, you should ask, why does Walmart lock up pregnancy tests?

Although Walmart doesn’t typically lock up pregnancy tests, individual stores may lock up pregnancy tests as a loss prevention method since pregnancy tests are an easy target to steal.

Walmart as a company needed to decide to save money and prevent stealing. Keep reading to learn more about why the pregnancy tests are locked up and some reasons why people choose to steal pregnancy tests.

Can You Buy A Pregnancy Test At Walmart

Pregnancy tests can be purchased at Walmart, but the tests are usually locked up to prevent them from being stolen. 

Most Americans assume that pregnancy tests are readily available and are easy to purchase in retail stores.

While this is generally true, you may be surprised to see that the cheapest to the most expensive pregnancy tests are in a locked case at Walmart. 

You may be shocked to learn that pregnancy tests are locked up at Walmart because they are one of the most commonly stolen products at Walmart.

Tests that are locked up are usually under camera surveillance. You also need an employee to unlock the case; you will not be given the key to open the case yourself.

I won’t leave you hanging. We’ll cover some of the reasons pregnancy tests are stolen so often because this may not be something you expect to hear when Walmart sells products like electronics.

Concerns With Stolen Pregnancy Tests

There is more than one reason why people steal pregnancy tests. This can be a problem for any shopping center, not just Walmart, and it could lead to a store’s choice to keep them locked up. Here are four of the most common reasons. 

People Resell Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests have a big resale market for multiple reasons, such as:

  • Pregnancy tests are hard to find
  • It can be easier to buy a resold pregnancy test without others knowing
  • All the money you make is profit on a stolen item

Affordability Of The Tests

Even though a pregnancy test may be less than a dollar, not everyone has the money to purchase pregnancy tests.

For the people who do not have the money to purchase a test, their only option may be to steal the pregnancy test – even if they do not want to. 

They Are Embarrassed To Buy The Test

Purchasing a pregnancy test can be embarrassing, even for a fully grown adult actively trying to have a child.

There are connotations behind buying pregnancy tests that not all people want to be associated with.

The pressure can be even greater for a young mother or teenager looking for a pregnancy test. 

Someone with a parent or a partner may not want to be seen purchasing a pregnancy test.

A person can break off from a group of people to purchase the item alone, but for some, it can be safer to slip the pregnancy test into a pocket or sleeve without anyone else knowing what is happening. 

They Think They Are Not Old Enough

There is no age limit for someone to buy a pregnancy test, but a teenager or even a young adult may not know that.

If someone doesn’t know they can buy a pregnancy test at any age, they may assume that the only option is to steal the pregnancy test.

Ways To Get Pregnancy Tests That Are Locked Up

There are easy ways to get a pregnancy test locked up at Walmart or another store. It is an extra step that you must take, but none of the ways are difficult to do.

Press A Nearby Button For Help

Since the tests are locked up, there is likely a nearby button to ring for help from an employee.

I will warn you that Walmart stores specifically will make an announcement over the intercom in the store for an employee to help a customer with “family planning.”

If you are embarrassed by buying a pregnancy test or do not want people to know, I would not recommend pushing a button for employee help.

Flag Down An Employee

You can also look for an employee in the store to help you.

Pregnancy tests are generally near the medicine, personal care products, and medicine, so at least one employee is likely stocking shelves. 

Workers are almost always picking orders as well; therefore, you may be able to find at least one employee nearby. 

Wait For An Employee To Walk By

If you don’t feel like looking for an employee, you can wait patiently – or maybe impatiently – for an employee to walk by.

Unfortunately, this method may take you the longest because an employee may not walk down the exact aisle you are in.

You may have more patience than I do, so this might not be a problem for you! 

Talk To The Pharmacist

Pregnancy tests are kept in a section called Family Planning which is typically near the pharmacy.

You can wait in line to ask a pharmacist for help if you are shopping within the pharmacy’s hours. They may either be able to help you themselves, or they will contact another employee to help you.

Most pharmacies aren’t open as late as the store, but they are usually open until 5 pm or 7 pm, depending on your store.

Go To A Different Store

You may not be able to find an employee. You might be aggravated that the store has something like pregnancy tests locked up. 

Whatever the case, you can also go to a different store to find pregnancy tests. Most Walmart stores have pregnancy tests locked up, so I suggest going to a store owned by a different company altogether. 

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