Does Publix Hold Your First Paycheck – What To Expect

When you first get started at a new job, it can be both exciting and stressful. Exciting because you’re in a new position and presumably will have new opportunities and chances to excel, but stressful because it can be difficult learning all your new responsibilities and adjusting to the pace of work. 

Of course, there’s also the additional stress of waiting to get paid. A lot of employers these days hold your first paycheck to keep everything organized and make it easier to make any payroll adjustments you need when you leave that position. 

But does Publix hold your first paycheck like other employers? 

Yes, it’s standard practice for Publix to hold your first paycheck; however, since they have a different payment schedule than standard, you will be able to get paid like in most positions. 

When Will You Get Paid Your First Paycheck At Publix? 

Publix pays on a weekly schedule, with payments going out every Thursday. Your first paycheck is held, but you will still be paid starting from the second week after you start with the company. 

It doesn’t matter if you started on a Friday or a Monday at Publix, that first week’s paycheck will be held for one week, and you’ll be paid on the following payday.

Why Do Publix And Other Employers Hold Your First Paycheck? 

The main reason that most employers hold paychecks is that they can then guarantee that they have at least one paycheck to add or remove any hours you’ve worked in your last week. 

Whether you leave to go to another job, go back to school, or retire, the truth is that no job is truly forever. So having a paycheck on reserve after you’ve left allows them to keep their regular schedule to release that money.

If you call out sick, work overtime, or are due a bonus on your last paycheck, that delay works to make corrections and to ensure that the company doesn’t have to issue an additional check or ask you to pay them back for hours paid but not worked. 

That way, holding the first paycheck can help you and your employer. 

Fortunately, in Publix’s case, with their weekly payment schedule, you don’t need to wait nearly as long as with other employers. It should be at most two weeks from your start date before you have an actual paycheck in hand. 

There is a second reason, as well. That reason is that it takes a little time for employers to set up Direct Deposit payments in today’s modern economy. Since direct deposits are the standard, holding the first check allows them to ensure everything is in order. 

Do You Get Paid For Training At Publix? 

Yes! All training at Publix is paid, which is great because it means you have a chance to get the hang of things before you’re expected to work at the speed and efficiency of a trained employee. 

Many Publix employees encourage new hires to take advantage of training as much as they can and stay in training for as long as possible. 

Partially that’s because it leads to better-prepared coworkers, but it’s also because training is often easier than the real work. Plus, if you stay in training longer, you might have opportunities to learn the work of more than one different department. 

Being trained for more than one department is only helpful! That way, if you ever change departments or are needed to fill in when someone calls out for a day, you’re in a better position to do the work. 

There are a lot of advantages to working at Publix. Their fast pay schedule and paid training are only two of the perks. Of course, it’s always worth researching before you agree to work for any employer – but these perks are also worth considering. 

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