Why Isn’t Walmart Hiring Me – The Hiring Process & What You Can Do

Of all the jobs available to the general public, those offered by Walmart aren’t all that hard to get – until they are. Some people find themselves puzzled when they apply for a job, only to get turned down for a position they could easily fulfill. After all, it doesn’t take an advanced degree or specialized skills to stock shelves or ring up groceries. If you’ve unsuccessfully applied for a job at Walmart, don’t give up hope! Instead, it’s time to dig deeper into the question: why isn’t Walmart hiring me?

For some people, it’s because there were other candidates with greater availability. For others, it’s because of a prior criminal conviction. It could even be due to their answers on Walmart’s assessment test.

Whatever the case for you, the solution might be found below. Keep reading to find out!

Reasons Why Walmart Won’t Hire Someone

Before getting into the details, notice that a “lack of experience” isn’t on this list. Upper-level positions require some experience, but most Walmart applicants are looking for entry-level work, so that’ll be the focus of this discussion.

Reason 1: Limited availability

With hundreds of employees working at every location, Walmart managers can’t afford to cater to people who are only available between 1 and 6 PM, Monday through Thursday. Instead, they want people who will show up to work at any time of day or night. If your application got passed over, it might have been in favor of someone who said they were available to work 24/7.

Reason 2: Discrepancies in the job application

Talking yourself up is one thing, but inventing degrees or certifications is another. And if an applicant is found to have falsified their job application, they aren’t going to get the position.

Reason 3: A criminal record

Walmart is a huge company, so they have to manage liability pretty strictly. If the organization is found to have been neglectful in its hiring practices (such as hiring convicted sex offenders, for instance), it could end up on the hook for some hefty lawsuits. For this reason, they tend to steer away from applicants with previous convictions.

Reason 4: A failed drug test

Walmart requires all job applicants to take a drug test (they also randomly test employees). If this test is failed, or if they suspect that the applicant faked the test, that means automatic rejection.

Reason 5: You didn’t pass the assessment test

Completing the online application is only one part of the process; you’ll also be asked to fill out an assessment test. There are 65 multiple-choice questions, and it’s pretty much a pass/fail scenario.

Many possible answers to the questions will range from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.” As a general rule of thumb, you should always answer one of the two – never in the middle. Walmart wants you to have definite opinions one way or another. Other possible answers may include the option to “ask a manager,” which will always be the right choice. 

What Walmart likes to see in an applicant

Even if you’ve already tried and failed to get a job at Walmart, that isn’t necessarily the end of the line. Here are a few practical ways to improve your chances of getting a job at Walmart.

Send applications to multiple stores

If you live in an urban area with several Walmart locations, you may be able to apply to several different stores. Of course, that would depend on how many locations were within driving distance of your residence, but the point remains – don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Increase your availability

As mentioned above, Walmart loves hiring people with little to no personal lives. The more available you are as an employee, the more they’ll like you as a candidate.

Apply for several positions at once

You may not have shone brightly as a potential hire for working as a cashier, but maybe you compare very well to other applicants who want to work at the help desk. If you want to boost your chances of getting an interview, apply for more positions.

Make some connections

You’d be surprised at how far a friendly conversation or two could get you. Have a quick chat with a manager, the guy stocking the shelves, or anyone working at the store. Making a good impression could be a way to get your job application bumped up to the top of the list.

Walmart hiring process FAQ

If you aren’t sure exactly what Walmart’s hiring process entails, you might find some answers here.

Will I need to submit a resume?

A resume won’t be required if you’re applying for an hourly position. However, you will get to describe your work history or professional qualifications on the application.

What if I want to edit the application after it’s been submitted?

You’ll only have the chance to change your application before submitting it. Once you’ve submitted the online form, it’s finalized.

Will I get notified if my application is rejected?

All applicants will be notified of Walmart’s decision, whether or not they’ve been chosen for an interview.

What are my options if I don’t get interviewed?

Since your application will stay in the online system for 60 days, you can also use it to apply for other positions.

How long will it take after applying to hear back?

That will depend on various factors, such as which position you applied for and how many other applicants there are.

The takeaway

It’s pretty easy to get hired by Walmart – most of the time. Sometimes it’s obvious why you didn’t get hired, while at other times, it can seem like a cruel twist of fate. It’s important to be informed about what goes on during the hiring process and what you can do to make yourself seem like a more appealing candidate. With the right strategies and enough persistence, you’ll be more likely to look like the perfect candidate the next time you apply for a position at Walmart.

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