Can Target Employees Wear Shorts – A Note On Dress Code

Many retail stores have a lax dress code policy, while others have a strict uniform to abide by. Target is known for its bright red shirts to indicate who the employees are, but can Target employees wear shorts?

Yes, Target employees can wear shorts within a reasonable length. There are some restrictions on color, design, and material, but overall the uniform for Target can be quite customizable to each individual’s personality and style. 

Continue reading to learn more about Target’s dress code and the benefits of being a Target employee. 

What is Target’s dress code for their employees? 

Target’s dress code for its employees is simple yet customizable. As long as the employee can adhere to the basics of the uniform, there should be no issues adding a bit of personal flare to your daily work outfit. Here are the requirements: 

Red shirt

Since there are no “official” Target shirts that employees are given upon hire, it’s the employee’s responsibility to wear a red shirt daily. This should be free of symbols, writing, or other colors that may deter or confuse customers from determining if the person is an employee or another customer. As many customers have learned, thanks to Target’s casual dress code, avoid wearing a red shirt while shopping unless you’re willing to help out fellow customers! 

Close-toed shoes

Close-toed shoes are a very common component of the uniform for most industries, whether it is food or retail, especially manual or construction work. 

These shoes protect the employee by helping reduce damage from falling objects, wheels from carts or hand trucks, and even heavy machinery. While non-slip shoes are not required, it is never a bad idea to have a pair of work shoes that are non-slip, as spills happen all the time in a work environment. 

Denim or khaki bottoms

Employees can choose to wear denim or solid-colored khaki shorts; some stores even allow skirts or dresses to be worn by their employees, though this is not as common. Shorts are a good opportunity to change up the uniform, especially during the hotter times of the year.

Length should be considered: shorts that are too short may expose the employee to more risk when using tools such as box cutters, leaving them more open to potential injury. Additionally, no matter how lax a store’s policy is, it’s always good to err on the side of professionalism and choose shorts that are an appropriate length for a work environment. 

Employees can safely adorn themselves while at work by painting nails or getting them done, for which there is no rule against, and accessories as long as they don’t pose a risk to the worker.

This would include excessively long or dangly jewelry that might impede the ability to work safely and operate machinery with minimal risk. While the red color scheme may seem restrictive at first, only one item is required to be a specific color, so there are plenty of other easy ways to showcase your personal style. 

A Few Considerations When Wearing Shorts To Work

If you do plan on working in shorts at Target, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

What Kind Of Work Are You Performing That Day

When working in any kind of retail, sometimes the job you’re performing that day may change. For example, you may have a day that requires you to restock shelves and lift boxes. In cases like this, it may be helpful to wear long pants to protect your legs as you bend down and squeeze by tight spaces.

Or, perhaps the weather that day is not accommodating, and wearing shorts may not be ideal. In either case, it may be a good idea to pack an extra pair of pants just so that you can switch things up if need be.

Protecting Your Legs

Perhaps you’ve got a scar recently, or you just want to protect your legs from view. Long pants are an easy way to hide that and prevent your legs from getting scraped.

Likewise, the whether might be a bit cooler in the winter in which wearing shorts wouldn’t be the best idea. For that reason, long pants offer an easy way to stay warm in those cold months.

Final Thoughts

Target ranks highly amongst the employees and as a “fan favorite” business in general. With the ability to personalize your uniform daily and the many helpful perks such as a discount and insurance, it is difficult to find a competitive retail job experience. 

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