Why Can’t Walmart Verify My Address

When you’re making a purchase online, being unable to input your address could feel like the end of the world. It may have you shouting, Why can’t Walmart verify my address?

Usually, Walmart online cannot verify your address because the address is wrong, is missing information, or has an incorrect zip code or town. Plus, new buildings or rural areas can confuse the system. Check that your address is correct, talk to your local post office, try the purchase again later, or get a PO Box if all else fails. 

You never want to be blocked from a purchase because the website cannot verify your address. If you’re finding that this is a problem, become an expert on some of the issues and solutions in this article. 

Reasons Why Walmart Can’t Verify An Address

There are several reasons Walmart cannot verify your address, apart from the website experiencing issues.

Wrong Address

The most common reason your address cannot be verified is that the address is wrong.

I am not saying that you do not know your address; instead, make sure your finds did not slip while typing.

For instance, did you put “Sr” instead of “St” as shorthand for the street? Did you forget the number in your street address?

Any minor error can confuse the system and reject your address.

Missing Part Of Address

You may have also missed part of your address.

This is usually only an issue if you live in an apartment.

Some address fields want you to put everything in one line, including the apartment number. Other online forms ask you to put your apartment number in “Address Line 2”.

Other times, the system will glitch if you do not put “Apartment” or “Building” in the address field.

If you’ve lived in an apartment for a few years, chances are that you have experienced this issue at least once. 

Incorrect Town Or Zip Code

Incorrect towns and zip codes can also cause the system not to verify your address.

This, again, may not be your fault.

Some zip codes have multiple town names, and if the address form is liable to autofill the town name, it could add the incorrect town name. 

An incorrect town or zip code can completely mess up the online form and cause the system to think that the address does not exist.

New Building

New builds and buildings sometimes have issues with online address forms.

If you’ve just moved into a house or apartment building as the first tenant, you may experience issues verifying your address online.

New builds can be so new that the address is not in some systems, including Walmart or the Post Office.

Usually, this will resolve in a few days as you get settled and begin receiving mail at your new address.

Rural Area

Rural areas can also have issues verifying addresses online.

Like new builds, established rural residences can struggle to verify addresses online for a few reasons:

  • The Post Office does not have a regular route to your house
  • You are one of the only people living on a road
  • The road you live on is an access road that does not usually show up on maps

Tips If You Struggle To Verify Your Address

Giving up is not your only option if you struggle to verify your address online.

Check That Your Address Is Correct

The first thing to do is to confirm that your address is correct.

Check all parts of the address like we discussed above, as well as:

  • Spelling
  • Correct road descriptors, such as street, drive, or avenue
  • Numbers
  • Any spaces that were auto-filled

Any minor hiccup could prevent you from checking out online.

Talk To The Post Office

If you continue experiencing issues, I recommend speaking to your local post office.

Issues often arise for those in apartment buildings with multiple tenants.

In my new apartment, for instance, I needed to use my floor number, not my door number, to receive packages. The mailman would then match the mail to the name on the mailboxes.

It was a strange system, not one I would have known if I had not spoken with my local post office.

Try Purchasing Again Later

Your inability to verify your address could be due to a system glitch on the website.

Even though we all like to think that the internet is infallible, online systems commonly have problems.

Here are a few things you can do as you try to purchase later:

  • Refresh the website
  • Empty your cart and try again
  • Close and reopen your browser
  • Restart your device
  • Delete the cookies on your browser

Something simple like this could solve any issue that might have been out of your control.

Get A PO Box

Get a PO Box if address problems are a persistent issue for you. 

Let’s say you always have issues when inputting your addresses, from not verifying it to not getting your mail if the online system accepts the address. 

Try getting a PO Box at your local post office if you have constant problems with your mail.

Of course, it is best to have mail delivered to your address, but if you’re ready to give up, get a PO Box, even for a few months.

This way, you won’t be pulling your hair out and will still receive your mail. 

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