Does Dollar General Load PayPal Cards

PayPal can be a new, convenient way to watch your cash while still having a credit card. Still, however, you need to load your PayPal card. This will lead you to wonder: Does Dollar General load PayPal cards?

Dollar General loads PayPal cards in four simple steps. You can even purchase the PayPal debit card at participating Dollar General stores. There are no fees to use your debit card, but there are fees to load your debit card at Dollar General.

PayPal debit cards are quick, easy, and cheap to load at Dollar General stores. If you want to know all about your new PayPal card and how to load it, continue reading this article to learn all you need to!

Purchasing A PayPal Card At Dollar General

While you are wondering if you can load PayPal cards at Dollar General, you might also be asking if you can purchase a PayPal debit card at Dollar General. Depending on the location and whether its actively participating, you can.

If you do purchase a PayPal debit card at Dollar General, you’ll want to make sure that you also connect it to your PayPal account so you can:

  • Access your funds online
  • Open an online savings account
  • Set up account alerts via text messaging

Loading Your PayPal Card At Dollar General

Loading your PayPal card at a Dollar General of your choice is a quick and straightforward process that I’ll walk you through. 

Step 1: Go To Register At Dollar General

First, you’ll need to go to the register at Dollar General.

In other stores, such as a store like Walmart or Target, you will need to go to Customer Service. On the other hand, Dollar General does not have a Customer Service desk.

Everything is done on the registers at the front of the store at Dollar General. 

Step 2: Give The Cashier The Money You Want To Load

Once you get to the cashier, you will want to tell the cashier you want to load your PayPal card and the money you want to load. 

We’ll cover this in more detail later, but you’ll want to include additional money to cover the fees associated with loading your debit card.

For instance, if you want to put $50 on your PayPal debit card, you will want to give the cashier at least $54.95 to cover the money you want and the fees.

Step 3: Swipe Your Card At The Register

Next, you will swipe your card at the register.

It may feel like you are purchasing by swiping your card at the register, but this loads the money on your card and completes the transaction.

The cashier will provide you with a receipt, which you may want to retain for your records.

Step 4: Wait For Money To Hit Your Account

Your money will take a few minutes to get to your account.

You do not need to wait long to access the funds loaded onto your debit card; usually, the money will be available within a few minutes for you to use. 

That’s it! You can use your PayPal debit card funds as you see fit. 

Costs To Use And Load PayPal Cards

A few fees are associated with PayPal debit cards, though you may experience a fee if you try to load your debit card.

If you’re new to PayPal and its new debit card, you might wonder how much having and using the card will cost.

Unlike many traditional, high-limit credit cards, you will not see the same fees associated with the PayPal debit card.

Check out this handy list for some of the fees you may or may not see:

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